Stoopid President tricks

[And these days, I have to say: YES Duhbya, I MISS YOU! ::sob:: -A, Oct 2017 during the Reign of the Stoopid, Lord Dampnut, Prince of Cheetos.]


Argh! And today I get to listen to GeeDubya blather on about how ‘things will get done now’. Oh. God. Does this worry anyone besides me? His news conference was dotted with idiotic statements from him and confused pauses while he tried to figure out what was being asked and/or how he was going to lie. He is such a horrible speaker.

I just checked CNN, FoxNews and ABCnews and not one, not one of them even picked up on the totally haughty attitude that Bush consistently presents to the world. It’s always played down in the press, but it’s important, dammit! He is destroying what little political goodwill we have in the world every time he opens his big fat mouth. He said the following things today, when questioned about what the UN thinks about our (read: HIS) quest for war in the Middle East (I’m not a transcriptionist, so the words may be off a little, but no more than the misquotes I just read at

“I don’t spend a lot of time finding out what other countries think. I just go with my feelings.”

“I don’t take cues from anybody…That’s just the way I lead.” – G.W. Bush press conference 7 Nov 02

Oh. My. God. He is an imperialistic, sabre rattling, manipulative bully that now has this country’s apparent endorsement to bully and coerce whoever the hell he pleases. We are fucked, people. FUCKED. He has more tax cuts planned (more deficits), another middle eastern war, and to top it all off, he’ll get to have Republican judges all over the place who will further remove our civil liberties. And don’t forget about taking away our abortion rights. Oh, but hey, the old fuckers who voted all the Republicans in don’t give a rat’s ass about any of that. They just want gas for their Cadillacs, no taxes and free healthcare. Well, join the motherfucking club, you assholes. And I didn’t mention anything about the corpse (Cheney) running with GeeDubya in 2004. Whoo, big surprise there…God, I really hate politics. And I really hate the direction that this country is headed in. It’s bad for all of us.