Politically Speaking


I certainly hope that everyone is happy that the whole goddamned government is now Republican. War mongering, sabre rattling, deficit spending, environment ruining, Nazi-esque Republicans. Kiss your civil liberties goodbye, and get ready for more credit card (deficit) spending that will take another 8 years to fix after that moron GeeDubya is gone. That is if any of us are around in 8 years after WWIII. Fucking Republicans have gotten us back into a deficit (yeah, that idiotic tax refund was a great idea) and are trying desperately to piss off the whole goddamned world with their imperialistic power trip.

Is everyone in this country of the same backasswards mindset as my parents? My mother really, truly believes that drilling up Alaska will solve our oil problems. She also believes that all the oil from AK is sold overseas, and that that is the reason we rely on Middle Eastern oil. I shit you not. Um, well, it’s public record that no more than 7% of that oil is sold to Korea, China and Japan and it’s also public record (and common sense) that if the car manufacturers would tighten up the fuel economy of their fleets by just .4 (yes, that’s POINT FOUR) miles per gallon, we’d SAVE more oil than is in ALL of AK in a very short time.

My parents also believe that it’s Clinton’s fault that the dot-com bubble burst and the economy tanked. Um, NO. I can’t see how the bubble burst is anyone’s fault, really. Certainly not the Democrats or Bubba. All I have to say is that Bubba got us out of a deficit and didn’t have the whole world pissed at us like GeeDubya. And if it’s not GeeDubya’s fault that there’s a deficit, then whose fault is it? I seem to recall lots of arm twisting to get the famed tax refund passed and look how ineffectual and ultimately shortsighted that was. Wasn’t that a big part of the deficit? Yeah, Democrats may ‘tax and spend’, but Republicans just SPEND. Damn the consequences.

My parents also think that the terrorist attacks were tied to our oil dealings with the Middle East. Wrong again. Those attacks were a religious jihad, dude, and they were in no way part of some sort of oil scheme. They don’t understand what a jihad is in the first place! They think it’s a good idea to put those A-rabs in their place so we can have access to as much oil as we want, damn the cost in lives or money. They cry, “Take it over! Hell yeah, take over N Korea, too, while you’re at it!!” They don’t see that GW is using his political office to continue a personal, family vendetta with Hussein. Isn’t it obvious? GW is fucking over everyone. He is running roughshod over the UN fer chrissakes!! And the American people are applauding this behaviour!!

Americans wonder why the world hates us. Well, it’s because of fucked up foreign policies, that’s why. It’s because fucking cowboy presidents rattle their sabres and start stirring shit all over the world and Americans are totally ignorant of any of it. Our national attitude is “Democracy is OK for us, but not for the rest of you heathens!” Almost 100 Australians were killed in Bali a couple of weeks ago and GW didn’t even call Australia to offer condolences. What the hell is wrong with that pea-brained asswipe? Everyone in the world mourned when we were attacked, yet Americans don’t give a shit if it happens anywhere else. That is so wrong in so many ways that I can’t even begin to understand it!

It’s time that this country gets its collective head out of its ass and realizes that there are more people on this earth than the ones that live between the Atlantic and Pacific and Mexico and Canada. Americans may not like what is said about us around the world, but the sad thing is: it’s true. Americans are shallow, selfish, ignorant isolationists.

I like to think that I’m not one of the masses that believes what the media tells me and believes that if it’s not here it doesn’t matter. I work at getting the real story and questioning everything. I worry about our foreign policies and who we’re fucking over or taking over. Does anyone else? And if so, then how is it that the party that is known for making wars for fun and profit is now in control of the whole government? Hmm? How is that?