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Hi, I’m Misangela. You can find me pretty much anywhere on the intertubes. I’m not famous or anything, just prolific and long lived. My blog has been up since 1999, so it gets indexed regularly.

I live in Atlanta GA; Tucker, specifically. I’ve been in ATL since 1988. Prior to Tucker (July 2014), I lived in Decatur for about 25 years and I plan to move back there one day. I was raised in Knoxville TN. Um, yah, nothing more to say about that cesspool. :-/ I’ve been in Atlanta longer than I was in E TN, so I consider myself an Atlantan.

My biggest endeavor (to date) is getting a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. It took me several years to work up the courage but I finally did it and it was one of the best decisions of my life aside from marrying my best friend. :) My surgery was May 16, 2016, in Tijuana Mexico. It was an amazing experience and the care was exemplary. It cost me about $4k plus airfare and they took care of EVERYTHING. The accommodations are for TWO, also. If you have ever considered VSG, I am happy to refer you to my team. They are AMAZING. Four days can change your life forever! There is a section of this blog now dedicated to all things bariatric, including recipes, supplement guides and general advice. I also have a vlog on youtube here.

I used to be a Mac support tech, graphic designer and web designer. Well, I guess I still do graphics and web design, but just for myself and a coupla clients. I also used to be the office manager/social media manager for a restaurant – but that just ended (Aug 18). These days I am the wrangler of IndigoDragon Studios, Player One Arcade Services and Boneless Cat Designs. I wrangle my husband Nick and his various projects. Nick was a pre-press graphic designer, IT manager and is now an awesome vintage arcade refurber. My business card says ‘wrangler’ for a reason!

I used to fabricate jewelry – mostly earrings, but I did a little Precious Metal Clay, which is pure silver. You can find my earrings and a few PMC things at Boneless Cat Designs over at my Etsy. The shop is open, but I’m not producing anything. Read on for WHY…

I run social media for our projects as well as for a client. I actually run several Twitter accounts, four of which are ours: I am @misangela, Nick is @thinkweasel, the Arcade is @playeronearcade and there’s IndigoDragon Studios @IndigoDragonIDS. There are FB pages for IndigoDragon Studios, Think Weasel and Player One Arcade.

Player One Arcade Pub Atlanta

THIS is what is taking all our time now: Player One Arcade Services and @playeronearcade on Twitter. This will be our PUB!!

I am an accomplished cook, so all my cooking skills are going towards developing the menu for our pub. I’ve no experience with this, so it’s been stressful! LOL I’ll be looking for a strong Kitchen Manger/chef to take it to the next level. If you are one or know one, shoot me an email, would ya?

We are rolling our arcade business and all our skills into ONE project: Player One Arcade Pub. Nick’s IT job ended in Dec 2017 and he is pretty much unemployable (Mac IT and prepress are very niche to the printing industry, which is DEAD). I’ve been unemployable for years, so with two unemployable people who need to provide for themselves, this leaves one path: ENTREPRENEURSHIP! This pub concept has been 4 years in the making. We have a location on Buford Hwy and our target for opening is Feb/Mar 2019. The website for the pub will be; we’ll roll in the site into that.

We’ve got zero human children (because they are vile and they smell) but have one all black (but for white whiskers) Shasti Kat. Cats are clean, well behaved and do not require college funds. We like it that way. I do wish they’d not bring their preymates in the house, tho. ;)

Anything else you want to know about me, you can learn by reading my posts. There is plenty of TMI for your schadenfreude needs. :-)

You can email me at misangelaspam at gmail if you like – especially if you have questions about vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Ask me ANYTHING!

updated 10/2/18

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