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Southern Biscuits

Biscuits are something that every Southerner should be able to make. And YES you must use White Lily® self rising flour. JUST DO IT. I don’t make biscuits often, but sometimes, like today, I just gotta have a biscuit!! Sadly I did not get pix of making the dough, but I did get a shot […]

One Year VSG Anniversary

Sorry this is a day late, but I did get the VLOG posted yesterday over at youtube! Please subscribe! I think I’m going to do some cooking vlogging over there…

May 16 2016, right after surgery:

VSG Surgery 5/16/16

So, one year has passed since I made the best decision I’ve ever made – […]

Kitchen Tutorial #2

This part of the tutorial is every simple recipe I could round up from here as well as ones I make regularly but are not really worthy of publishing on their own. Easy, fast and low carb are the keys for these recipes, unpublished ones at bottom.

Common Cooking Mistakes

Salsa Verde Chili


Kitchen Tutorial #1

Since I spent all day writing this stuff out for a friend who needs a lifestyle change, I thought I’d publish for anyone else who might want to start doing low carb and/or cooking more at home. First up: basic kitchen essentials! Basic tools and getting your pantry started.

Basic kitchen utensils you’ll need: […]

Taxes and Obamacare Penalty

So after the fiasco with our shitty accountant last tax season, this year we decided to go it alone with TurboTax. GOOD MOVE. We tried the free service through Credit Karma, but it sucked balls. TurboTax cost us about $200, but that is $150 less than the asshole accountant AND it is accurate. Y’all know […]