Birthday goodies!


My first post from my new G3 that Nick built me for my b-b-b-birthday! It’s a tricked out G3 tower: 466 G3, 20Gb disk, 576Mb RAM, 12x8x32 LaCie CD-RW, 16Mb ATI Rage 128 Video, 10/100 ethernet, 2USB/2Firewire card. I can now run 9.2.2 and OSX! It’s been fun getting all my stuff over from the 8550 and making everything work. I’ll be transitioning to OSX eventually, but I’m waiting for AvantGo to make an OSX conduit so I can do my Palm thang in X. I’ll be running my new DreamWeaver MX in X, so my next update will done from there. I hope. There are a lot of things I’m going to have to do in OSX before it’s palatable to me, so it will be a while before I’m ready to jump all the way into X.

I also got some cash from Mommie Dearest which I spent on clothes and books (my 2 favourite things). I got a box o’ goodies from Rhonda with a groovy little hippie top from the Village in NYC, a beaded kitty changepurse, a lovely scarf and shawl that she knitted for me by hand, and a flock of buddhas. I love all of it! Dani and Allen got me a handmade silk covered diary – it’s gorgeous! I’ve not received Andy’s box yet, but I’m sure it’ll be just fab! Nick also took me to see Beth Orton Sunday night. It was an acoustic show and very good. I enjoyed it immensely!