Mirena Update

Had my 5 week check up on Monday. Gyno says all’s well. Yay. (If you are here via search and are looking for an in depth post about the Mirena and what it’s like to get one, see this post.) ALL UPDATES about the Mirena are HERE.

I’m STILL bleeding (we’re on wk 4) but the Gyno says that some women take longer to stop that. Of course I’m one of those. I never get a fucking break. I just hope that it stops soon and I don’t have periods for another year, which is RARE. Watch, I’ll be a lucky one that does. ::sigh:: At least there’s no pain or any of that. I *think* I might be having a period now – hard to tell when you’ve bled for 4 weeks – but I am craving sweets and feel cranky, so that’s probably what it is. If that *is* a period, I’ll fucking take it. NO PAIN.

Other than that, everything is mostly the same around here. I got the store up on thinkweasel.com (go buy something, bitches!) and everything’s on an even keel. Guess that’s a good thing, right? :)

Adventures in Gynecology: Mirena

Since several of my girl posse have enquired, I shall regale you with the goings-on today. Menfolk, you should just go elsewhere.

Ok, so most of you know about my bad relationship with my lady parts. I hate the vile organ, it hates me, I want it gone more than anything but can’t afford it. Meh. My gyno pops up at my last exam and says “Well, why don’t you get a Mirena? It should totally clear up your issues for 5 years!” And of course my reply, “Have you been holding out on me? Of course I’ll do it!” Even though an IUD is a bit scary to me, it’s worth a shot at feeling better, yanno?

Mirena, btw, can be used by anyone, breeder or not. They’ve used IUDs in Europe for years to alleviate the kind of shit I’ve put up with forever (heavy periods, endometriosis, etc.), but of course the US has just “apporoved” it for use. Fuckers. As we say at my gyno:

If men had periods, you would be able to get a hysterectomy for free. At Kroger. In a kiosk. Painlessly.

Mirena is an IUD with hormones in it, so they are applied directly to the offending organ and therefore very effective at relieving nasty, heavy, hurty periods and even endometriosis. First you go get the vagcam (aka sonogram) to determine if you’re the right size (I kid you not) and do not have anything going on like cysts (which would be very bad w/ something shoved in there). I checked out fine and the vagcam was NO big deal. Apparently there are a couple of different kinds of vagcam and this is the non hurty one. If you’re all good, then you order the Mirena thingy from CVS/Caremark and arrange payment. I did the $38/mo thing rather than one lump sum (about $850 to CVS, plus prelim sonogram $195 and install $135 by the Dr).

Ok, then you wait for your next period and you go get it installed about midway through, unless you’re me and the damn holiday got in the way. I had to take some stuff (misoprostal, most likely) to “soften the cervix” and it made me feel a little nauseous right after the procedure and wonky for about 5 hours after that. >:-(

So, you take the stuff (or not) and then they do the usual with the speculum and proceed to measure you again. BUT. This time they use a “sound” (we all agreed it’s a dumb name no doubt made up by a MAN) to get a physical measurement of the vile organ. Yup, it’s just what you’d expect: a freaking dipstick. IN THERE. GAH! NOT FUN. That was more painful than the actual IUD install. No likey. Good news: it’s pretty quick. [Update: After hearing a couple of horror stories about the painful install of this IUD, I’ve come to the conclusion that the cervix drug should be used as a standard practice. My experience is no doubt easier because of it. My gyno RAWKS!]

They get the exact measurement and then insert the IUD. Kinda scary, but not a big deal, really. It felt like a weird pressure. Then they trim the strings and you’re done with that part. But of course, there’s more. There’s always more fun at the gyno, isn’t there? Yep. After all this, then they have to use the vagcam again to make sure the damn thing is in the right place and the arms have extended. But, hell, after the previous 10 minutes, the vagcam is NOTHING.

That’s it. The actual procedure takes about 20 minutes. My visit was over an hour because I had to take that cervix stuff and wait 40 mins for it to work.

Now that I’m feeling pretty normal again, I’d say it’s not too bad all round. I’m bleeding more than I’d like, but with naproxen, the cramps have been minimal. I’m just really tired. It’s 9:30 now and I’m probably going to go lay in the bed and read. I really think that between the drug and my anxiety fueled adrenaline overload, that’s what made me feel so crappy. I have to go back for a check up in 5 wks to make sure the thing is where it’s supposed to be, etc. I highly recommend my gyno, btw, if anyone is looking for a good one: Juaquita Callaway, MD her office is Holistic Gynecology. She’s the bestest. <3

I tell you this: If this doodad ends my periods all together and/or I can live a normal life, then by the gods, it will be so totally worth it. I’ll post again in a couple of months with a progress report. :)

First Update

Adventures in Rx drugs

I started taking Pristiq last week. It’s an SNRI – actually it’s Effexor XR repackaged. I’ve never taken antidepressants before, so it’s been, uh, interesting. The second day I rolled all day. Not like a hard roll, but like a medium roll with dilated pupils, euphoria, hot/cold temp spikes, dry mouth, even a tish of jitters, jaw clenching and bouncy eyes. I certainly did not expect that!

But since then it’s been more of a speedy feeling one day and a crash the next. I’m not particularly happy with how I feel, however, I have ZERO appetite. I mean, ZERO. I got sick to my stomach last night because I hadn’t eaten and I still didn’t really want anything. Now that I can get behind. I’ll put up with weird seratonin spikes if I can keep the zero appetite. That will certainly kick start my dieting efforts! I’ll even pay the $200 a month for the shit if it continues to douse my appetite. It’s totally worth it to me for that benefit alone.

Now, on to today’s cuteness! BABY NIBBLER!! Yes, Nibbler (who I’ve determined is a girl) has a little Nibbler who we are calling Son of Nibbler although we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl. Below is Nibbler and Son of Nibbler (sorry for the slight blur in the baby pic, but it was full zoom):

Our Yard Bunny Nibbler
Our Yard Bunny Nibbler

Son of Nibbler!
Son of Nibbler!

Oliver’s Food Revolution

I started watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. After 2 episodes, I’m hooked. Mainly because it’s a train wreck and I can’t stop watching. If you’ve not heard of it, this show is Jamie’s attempt to reinvent school lunches to reflect a diet of FRESH foods and veg rather than the processed crap that they serve in schools now. It’s disturbing what kids are fed at public schools. Chef Jamie has already revamped the schools in England and now he’s attempting it here. (Yup, good luck with that.)

Not only did poor Jamie get to try this in Virginia, he is also fighting uphill with a school system that thinks the processed crap is just fine and dandy. These people in Huntington VA are the fattest of the fat – the city is the unhealthiest and fattest in America, which is the fattest in the world. So, yah, despite this, the backwoods rednecks of this town excoriate Jamie for “trying to tell us what do to”. Hey, welcome to the USA! We’re #1! We’re #1! I swear to gods, Americans are the most arrogant fucking people on the planet. Here you are, the fattest of the fat, and yet you get all uppity and pissy when someone says, “Hey! You’re FAT! Let me help!”.

So, last bit on this (you can watch full episodes on the website) let me just say when Jamie went into an elementary classroom to talk about vegetables and not ONE child could name ANY of them…I was so upset I cried a little. I mean, really? WTF? They did not know what a tomato or potato was. They’d never SEEN a vegetable. Again, WTF? And NO ONE at this school thought a thing of it. They also thought nothing of having NO UTENSILS available for the children to use at lunch. Well, why should they when all they serve is pizza and chicken(ish) nuggets? I tell you, you’ll be stunned. Watch it.

[Of course, none of his efforts made a bit of difference. Nice try, tho. -A Dec 2015]

Well, that sucked!

I eagerly tried this new NSAID for my cramps. It’s called Zipsor and I got a free trial. Sadly, it’s no better than naproxen. It’s actually worse because you have to eat them like candy to get any relief at all. Zipsor started off great, when I started to feel the cramps, I took one and they abated, but by hour 4, they were back and I had to take another one. The script says one every 6 hours, um, NO. By the time 14 hours came around, I’d eaten 4 or 5 and was pretty much hurting like I’d taken nothing, so I ate TWO and then passed out for 2 hours. For the rest of the day yesterday I ate a pill about every 4 hours. I probably took 6 in a 12 hour period rather than the TWO they recommend.

Either this drug is just another marketing ploy to sell something (most likely) or it’s not really for severe pain (DEFINITELY). In any case, it didn’t work for me at all. As a matter of fact, I think it made my cramps worse. I’m STILL feeling it today, which is not how it goes with naproxen. By day three I’m good to go with naproxen. Not today. I got up thinking I’d get back on my exercise schedule, but I feel like I’ve been bludgeoned so I doubt the Rack would be a good idea.

It’s been a really sucky two weeks and this one bodes no better. We’ve got the damn trip this weekend – I wish I could give a shit. Right now, it’s just another thing that must be endured.

I know everyone has a million things they want to do. There are dozens of festivals we’ll miss this weekend for sure. But let me just give you all a heads up:

Don’t expect to see much of us for the rest of the year. We are opting out of holidays this year, so please don’t buy presents or any of that. WE WILL NOT BE HERE.

Seriously, we are not participating in festivities this year and we plan to skip gift giving, so please take us off your buy lists. The only thing we’ll attend is a holiday dinner IF Russ and Janel host one. The reason that is an exception is because we haven’t seen them in months and it’s the only way we’ll ever see them, apparently. We are planning to drive to the Keys or something over Christmas.

So, when we bow out of activities, please don’t be offended. It’s just been one BITCH of a fall for us and we are BURNED OUT. We just want to huddle and catch our breath. 2010 will be the Year of the Weasel. We are making our big push to attend cons and make books, so you guys probably won’t see much of us next year, either.