Well, that sucked!

I eagerly tried this new NSAID for my cramps. It’s called Zipsor and I got a free trial. Sadly, it’s no better than naproxen. It’s actually worse because you have to eat them like candy to get any relief at all. Zipsor started off great, when I started to feel the cramps, I took one and they abated, but by hour 4, they were back and I had to take another one. The script says one every 6 hours, um, NO. By the time 14 hours came around, I’d eaten 4 or 5 and was pretty much hurting like I’d taken nothing, so I ate TWO and then passed out for 2 hours. For the rest of the day yesterday I ate a pill about every 4 hours. I probably took 6 in a 12 hour period rather than the TWO they recommend.

Either this drug is just another marketing ploy to sell something (most likely) or it’s not really for severe pain (DEFINITELY). In any case, it didn’t work for me at all. As a matter of fact, I think it made my cramps worse. I’m STILL feeling it today, which is not how it goes with naproxen. By day three I’m good to go with naproxen. Not today. I got up thinking I’d get back on my exercise schedule, but I feel like I’ve been bludgeoned so I doubt the Rack would be a good idea.

It’s been a really sucky two weeks and this one bodes no better. We’ve got the damn trip this weekend – I wish I could give a shit. Right now, it’s just another thing that must be endured.

I know everyone has a million things they want to do. There are dozens of festivals we’ll miss this weekend for sure. But let me just give you all a heads up:

Don’t expect to see much of us for the rest of the year. We are opting out of holidays this year, so please don’t buy presents or any of that. WE WILL NOT BE HERE.

Seriously, we are not participating in festivities this year and we plan to skip gift giving, so please take us off your buy lists. The only thing we’ll attend is a holiday dinner IF Russ and Janel host one. The reason that is an exception is because we haven’t seen them in months and it’s the only way we’ll ever see them, apparently. We are planning to drive to the Keys or something over Christmas.

So, when we bow out of activities, please don’t be offended. It’s just been one BITCH of a fall for us and we are BURNED OUT. We just want to huddle and catch our breath. 2010 will be the Year of the Weasel. We are making our big push to attend cons and make books, so you guys probably won’t see much of us next year, either.

Why now?

So the pollen counts are past their peak and now I get completely beaten down by snot. WTF? I started feeling funky yesterday afternoon and ended up not sleeping AT ALL last night due to a big solid wad of snot trying to suffocate me. Clearly I did not take enough drugs. :-(

So, today I am completely out of it: sore all over, headache, tired as hell and of course, still snotty.

Damn I so want to move to the desert. I can take the heat better than this pollen crap.

Don’t bother calling me today, routine callers. I’ll not be answering the phone and will most likely be sleeping all afternoon. If you do call and wake me, well, you know how cranky I am…

I feel like little bitty rat turds…

Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Unless you’re trying to refinance your house, immersing yourself in web comics or reading the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success… Probably not!

In the re-fi department: Epic FAIL. Property values have screwed us. It’s also my opinion that our loan processor screwed us by waiting 2 months to get our loan started. Had she gotten off her ass and started it last month, I feel certain it would have gone through. Yes, I’m a little bitter.

In the web comics department: Full of WIN! I happened upon a ustream.tv live stream of PvP‘s Kurtz drawing yesterday and ended up meeting some awesome people and getting the comics meetup group I’ve been wanting to do handed right to me. Awesome! If you are interested in this group, please shoot me an email.

In the Seven Spiritual Laws department: Full of WIN! I started reading this book again just a few days ago and have been blown away by the resonance I feel with the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Particularly the 5th and the 6th. You can get the gist over at Chopra.com. For such a small and unassuming book, it packs a powerful punch. I can’t help but feel that the comics meetup group was offered to me in response to my asking for it. I just can’t. As I’ve said before, I think that The Seven Laws is my religion. All I know is that they work.

And finally, I’ve read several good articles in Wired this month. That is a mag that either I flip through without anything grabbing my attention or I read it cover to cover. This month, it’s cover to cover. There is an awesome article on brain mapping and today I read an excellent article about a woman that was billed as having perfect memory – until she was diagnosed with OCD.

The Memory article rang true to me because it offers a more scientific reason for people who are obsessed with their personal history and cannot let go of past events. I always say “Let it go!!” and it turns out, letting it go is the thing most people do to get over trauma, etc. But this woman’s case has illustrated that constantly going over past events of your life does indeed make it impossible to let go of the events and therefore let go of the neuroses that were brought on by the events.

What the first batch of scientists thought was perfect memory, turned out to be perfect memory of ONLY this woman’s personal story and big events (plane crashes, other disasters) that occurred during her lifetime. And it was seemingly perfect recall because ALL her time was spent going over and over the details of her life. This “perfect memory” case was actually an OCD case. All it took was a professor of psychology spending two days with her and asking questions that were not about her own story to figure out that she didn’t have perfect memory at all. A brain scan proved that not only were her memory centers normal, but the OCD areas were abnormal – she definitely has OCD. Makes sense to me: the whole process of memorization is going over something many times. If you repeat stories about your life’s traumatic moments over and over, they are only going to be ingrained.

What’s truly amazing about this idea of reinforcing memories (or NOT) is that it is also one of the Seven Laws: #6 The Law of Detachment. The law of detachment is basically: LET IT GO.

Hmm. Maybe I’m onto something… ;-)

Back to business

Not that we ever stop working, really, but now that all the xmas crap is down, it’s back to normal life. And not a moment too soon, IMO!

I’m really happy with the new hard drives. Now I realise just how slow the read head was on the old one. It would take up to 30 seconds to launch an application, whereas now it’s under 5 seconds. As it should be on a Mac with dual 1.8Ghz processors and 1.5Gb RAM! It’s the old frog in water thing – you don’t realise the temp is going up because it’s gradual. That hard drive was really dying, but since I use it every day, I didn’t notice. I again thank my Weasel for burning that DVD and catching the errors before I lost all my shit. Thanks, honey!

In other news… We’re on our diet for reals now. We must reform our wine- and beer-sodden ways. We will be curtailing our social events to help us get control of our alcohol consumption. I’ve always been a lush, but I’ve made Nick one, too, so a hard shut down is really necessary. As much as it pains me. :-( I’m sure my liver will appreciate the respite. HA!

We’ve got Phoenix Comic Con Jan 22-26 then I’ll be driving back, so I won’t return until Feb 1 or 2. We’re excited to try out this con! Also, we’re booked for Heroes Con in Charlotte NC in June and we’ve decided to attend APE rather than Comic Con this year. We loved Comic Con, but APE is in San Francisco where we have friends who might put us up and it’s a smaller con, which is appropriate for new artists like us. Comic Con, while amazing and fun, really isn’t worth the money for us as a business. It’s too big for startups. We saw a small bump in hits after the Con last year, but definitely not enough to justify spending another $2500. So, it’s APE for us!  As it is, I’ve no idea what to do about my cats. I *do* plan to PAY for whatever house sitting I arrange.

I guess that’s where we are for now. In the spirit of Reducing Our Fat Asses 09, I must go put my fat ass on the Rack (treadmill). My goal for now is 1 mile a day. Modest, yes, and very doable. In one month it will be 2 miles. Then it’ll be increasing speed to do whatever I can in an hour. Wish me luck!

Comment re-post

I liked my comment on Green’s post that I decided to repost it here. My views on healthcare [or lack thereof] and why HSAs [Health Savings Accounts] are NOT the answer. This is edited to be stand alone.

I have to warn everyone off the grand experiment of the HSA. We did it last year and got screwed royally. Not only does NO ONE understand it, but you pay a premium each month (ours was $250 or so) for absolutely nothing. You get no coverage of anything. Which means that YOU get to pay insurance rates for all your healthcare. YOU get to pay the $150 bill for a Dr visit. YOU get to pay for the $652.33 blood work. YOU get to pay $22 PER PILL for your prescription. (Real numbers. MINE.)

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