Mirena Update

Had my 5 week check up on Monday. Gyno says all’s well. Yay. (If you are here via search and are looking for an in depth post about the Mirena and what it’s like to get one, see this post.) ALL UPDATES about the Mirena are HERE.

I’m STILL bleeding (we’re on wk 4) but the Gyno says that some women take longer to stop that. Of course I’m one of those. I never get a fucking break. I just hope that it stops soon and I don’t have periods for another year, which is RARE. Watch, I’ll be a lucky one that does. ::sigh:: At least there’s no pain or any of that. I *think* I might be having a period now – hard to tell when you’ve bled for 4 weeks – but I am craving sweets and feel cranky, so that’s probably what it is. If that *is* a period, I’ll fucking take it. NO PAIN.

Other than that, everything is mostly the same around here. I got the store up on thinkweasel.com (go buy something, bitches!) and everything’s on an even keel. Guess that’s a good thing, right? :)