Hard drive update

Update chat from my BOFH the Weasel:

“the highest number of errors i usually run across, if any, is about 3-5
yours had 150
you’re a lucky woman
you’ve been tap dancing in a mine field for awhile”

It’s a blessing in disguise. Not only will I get a shiny new HD with an OS upgrade, but all my apps will get upgraded, too! Yay!

I’m sure I’ll find plenty of fucked up files when all is done, but all in all, I think I fared well. Even if I’d lost everything, I just had a backup Sunday, so.

Tomorrow I’ll be on a new HD with 10.5.x and other new stuff. I’ll also start running Time Machine on a second drive just as an extra redundant backup. :-)

This is a good time to remind you lazy bitches to BACK YOUR SHIT UP WEEKLY OR AT LEAST MONTHLY. If you’ve got a Mac running 10.5.x, then get an external or internal backup drive and turn Time Machine ON. Time Machine is a very slick backup system. We highly recommend it. (That humming sound better be the sound of cds/dvds being burned for backups…)

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