2009: Get Lost!

Ah the end of this wretched year is approaching and I’m ready to move on. I don’t feel that I’ve achieved much this year. Most of the projects that I started in the middle of the year stalled and that’s where they sit right now. The IndigoDragon site is still down. The ThinkWeasel print comics are still just an idea. ::sigh::

Like everyone else, we’ve spent much time stressing about finances this year. Being as “rich” as we are, we don’t qualify for one thin dime of government entitlements, so we’ve felt shit on by Omama (and the rest of you fuckers who think that entitlement is just fine as long as YOU don’t pay for it). And with the fucked up excuse for MORE entitlement, the “Health Care” bill passing (health care my ass, it’s government seizure of yet another industry), we’ll lose even MORE money and still have no access to care if we need it. The government will be stealing 2.5% of our money ($114.58/mo) to pay for all the assholes who already go to the Dr for hangnails and bad hair and we get absolutely nothing for it. Or we’ll be forced to pay the Insurance Companies for the privilege of having crap insurance that we’ll never use (but hey, someone’s got to pay for all the assholes who go to the Dr once a week, right?), taking even MORE of our money that we need to get out of debt. FUCKED UP.

This is relevant to us especially this year when we shelled out around $1500 for Nick’s heart diagnostics and stuff. Will any of that be covered with the money the gov’t steals? Hell no. Will we be able to use the clinics after this bullshit passes? Probably not. Nice. Thanks a lot House and Senate for fucking us all and handing your asshole buddies [the Insurance Companies] the US population on a fucking platter. Is ANYONE paying attention here? Hello? Bueller? Bueller?

I’d also like to offer Bank of America a hearty FUCK YOU for being dicks to me. They raise hell with my business account, threaten to close my accounts forcibly, so I close my cards to avoid that, then they start sending me offers for MORE cards! FUCK OFF BoA. You and your bitch ass “analysts” can eat a bag of dicks (Rhonda C I’m looking at YOU). I’ll never have another card with you EVAR. It’s Amex for me, suckas!

To the Chick who showed her ass and drove a wedge between me and my longtime friend: DIAFF. And to my mother the chick who refuses to acknowledge that attacking us and talking shit about Nick is not acceptable: I am really liking the lack of interaction and I LOVE not coming up there for the holidays, too. This arrangement is working great for me and I don’t plan to change it.

There has been some good stuff. Like getting an iPod Touch and really digging into Twitter. I’d hereby like to rescind my post from last year regarding Twitter! LOL This year it has come into its own and I use it (with 3 accts!) daily.

I managed to make a little money, which is great. We’ll beat back debt a bit more because of it, but we’re still in the soup.

We also made more connections with our West coast friends, which was lovely. Next year there will be no West coast cons, but we are holding on to Phoenix Comicon because we adore it!

So, here’s to the end of 2009 – which is appropriately ending with a Mercury retrograde. It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it ain’t been real fun. C ya.

As we toast in 2010, we are going to focus on the comic and paying off debt. We appreciate any and all support for this effort – it’s gonna be tough. Changing your lifestyle is always hard and with two people who are very much into routine, it’s even harder. Wish us luck!!

Happy New Year, everyone! À votre santé!

Ponderings on Chickitude

The other day I woke up with a startling revelation: my own mother is a Chick.

I know, RIGHT? GAH!!

Well, this certainly makes a lot of sense. No wonder I’ve such a strong aversion to anything chicky. I learned at an early age what the signs of Chickitude are. This also explains why people from high school always say how “sweet” my mom is and I am horribly confused. Who are they talking about? My mother has always been seething with resentment and jealousy! Who is this Nice Lady they talk about?

As it turns out, one of the Chick’s most powerful weapons is the Nice Lady façade that they display. Having grown up with it, I can see right through it and it has never occurred to me (until this revelation) that few people see through it as easily as I do. Which is why it works for Chicks in the first place! Ha!

The irony of this will become apparent as you read the rest of this entry…
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Open letter to the Chick

An old friend’s psycho wife has finally dropped all pretense of her fake like for me and written me a nasty little piss off email. Oooo, big surprise.

She wrote me an email a few weeks ago, begging to be friends and even after I told her flat out that I’m not a neuroses supporting kind of friend (more of a Dr Phil, read your beads kind), she still invited me to give her my input. So I did, knowing full well that she’d take every single word of it and turn it into me being “mean-spirited and unkind”.

Yah, yah, and I cause global warming, disease and pestilence, too. Or does Caroline have pestilence? Anyway, yah, I’m eeeeeevviiillll and horrible and you’re an innocent little princess. What a load of horseshit.

Just another in a loooong list of neurotic, insecure CHICKS that think they have hidden their disdain for me and I never saw it coming. Right. This ain’t my first rodeo, honey, I do have a clue.

Chick, do you really think that for one instant I thought you had any sort of vague like or respect for me? You are delusional. You have had nothing but hatred and jealousy of me since the instant we met [actually, WAY before that] and you’ve been waiting for the right time to lash out and show me just how immature and jealous you really are. Well, I got the message.

Now let me give you one:

Dear Chick:

You’re right, I do feel sorry for my friend having to put up with you. You are irrational, flakey, neurotic and insecure. I also know that he had to sneak to call me because I’m sure you’d pitch a fit if he did it in front of you. As a matter of fact, you admitted this in your email. And if you think that I had plans to be “friends” with you, you are sorely mistaken. I’m not that dumb, sweetheart. You are a chick and you are not worth the effort. Perhaps this is why you have no friends? [Per your email to me as well.] You whine and “commiserate” only in the academic sense, what you really want is sympathy and someone to tell you how great you are and how awful everyone else is. I told you very clearly that I am not that someone, yet you chose to invite me to comment. Your discomfort is not my problem. Grow the fuck up.

I don’t really care about our lives “intersecting”. Never have. I knew this day would come and I’m fine with it. You are not the kind of woman I’ll ever want to be around. Not at the moment, anyway. You could grow, who knows? But I doubt it, since you are older than I am and still an immature twit.


To my friend who married this woman, I wish you much luck – good thing you have the patience of Job. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. You are hereby released from having to sneak and call me. And no, I don’t expect to hear from you ever again. I’m OK with that. You will be placed in the category Those Whose Neurotic Wives Disapprove. You can keep Dean company. :-)

Guarding the Tree

I just watched the cats do the funniest thing! Missy was in her spot under the tree, so I wanted to get a shot of her. As I was taking pix, DJ comes up and ousts her so he can be the Tree Guard. Here are pix:
Missy on Guard Duty:

Missy Guarding the Tree
Missy Guarding the Tree

DJ Ousts Missy:

Changing of the Guard
Changing of the Guard

DJ on Duty:

DJ on Duty
DJ on Duty