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2009: Get Lost!

Ah the end of this wretched year is approaching and I’m ready to move on. I don’t feel that I’ve achieved much this year. Most of the projects that I started in the middle of the year stalled and that’s where they sit right now. The IndigoDragon site is still down. The ThinkWeasel print comics […]

Ponderings on Chickitude

The other day I woke up with a startling revelation: my own mother is a Chick.

I know, RIGHT? GAH!!

Well, this certainly makes a lot of sense. No wonder I’ve such a strong aversion to anything chicky. I learned at an early age what the signs of Chickitude are. This also explains why people […]

Redwing Blackbird Haiku

Redwing blackbirds fly. A riot of black and red swoops past my window.

Open letter to the Chick

An old friend’s psycho wife has finally dropped all pretense of her fake like for me and written me a nasty little piss off email. Oooo, big surprise.

She wrote me an email a few weeks ago, begging to be friends and even after I told her flat out that I’m not a neuroses […]

Guarding the Tree

I just watched the cats do the funniest thing! Missy was in her spot under the tree, so I wanted to get a shot of her. As I was taking pix, DJ comes up and ousts her so he can be the Tree Guard. Here are pix: Missy on Guard Duty:

Missy Guarding […]