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Welcome to the 20th Year of!!

That’s right, folks, my blog turns 20 this year – June 21 to be exact! Can you believe it? My first post is about gender bias and it is still, sadly, relevant today.

This blog being a Gemini makes sense since I’ve ranted and raved and blabbed my business on the ‘net for TWENTY […]

Responsive Design

Ugh. Two words I hate the most. YES I KNOW this site is not responsive. You know why? Because I don’t WANT it to be. Yes you have to zoom in on your phone. I really don’t care. This site looks the same on every device and I like it that way.

I detest it […]

Bot Attacks and Slacker Hosts

First off, let’s be clear: ALL HOSTS ARE SLACKERS. To some extent, anyway. They promise to help you defend your site(s) against hacking and bots, but they never, EVER do. We left Zweeko because their servers couldn’t reboot and our sites would be down for hours at a time – and they would just say […]

Hosting Company Reviews

Since we have so many sites (9 as of 2017), we need Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. We’ve had reseller accounts which make every site a separate account and we’ve had standard VPS. I tend to prefer just standard VPS because you can admin all the sites from one control panel. I’ve written about our […]