FB Harassment

It is real. FB has jailed me again for saying “Remind me to punch you in the arm next time I see you” in response to a friend’s horrible dad joke. Oh, yes, I’m “inciting violence”. Yup, definitely. But those right wing nutjobs who want to overthrow the country? Eh, that’s just a little joking FUN!! Cuz the FB AI is all about overthrowing democracy, burning books, medical misinformation and other right wing bullshit. THAT is just FINE. Stonekettle has been banned yet again for posting a photo with the label “macro lens of water drop”. YUP. Facebook is TRASH.

Facebook’s AI has run amok. That is why people are fleeing right and left and that’s why their stock fell 23%. Because letting AI run your goddam platform is stupid. I sincerely hope that we are nearing the end of Facebook’s reign of terror over the internet. Those of us who remember The Before Times™, when blogs ruled, WE are taking our content back to our blogs and posting elsewhere.

I also found out that my backup account has been linked, without my knowledge or permission, to my main account, so the sanctions affect that acct, too. Which means it serves no purpose at all. The whole point was to have a backup for all the pages I manage in case FB did exactly this and jailed me or outright banned my account. I am going to have to give admin privileges to Nick for all my pages as backup, which is not optimal, but at least it’s something. So far, FB hasn’t lumped our accounts together despite a shared IP.

I’d just not go back to FB at all if it weren’t for the pages and the constant stream of moronic questions that comes through one client’s page. Daily drivel from Teh Stoopid™ that must be managed. I’ve set up autoresponses, but OF COURSE they only work part of the time.

Instagram is still working, but who knows how long that will last. It is inevitable that the AI will be put in charge of IG, since FB, ‘scuse, META, clearly cannot afford real people. Poor Zuck, how can he possibly be held accountable for his bullshit platform? He’s too busy counting his billions and not paying taxes.

And speaking of Meta, who does Zuck think he’s kidding? He has clearly stolen the idea of a fully immersive internet experience from Ernest Cline, who created the Oasis in Ready Player One. Zuckerberg should pay Cline for the idea. It is not original.

The harassment of users will be the downfall of Facebook. Or, it will become a right wing conspiracy nutter farm, which is fine with me, I am only going to use it for page management henceforth.

Now, I need to get friends to use Signal or Apple Messages rather than FB messenger to chat with me. I really do NOT want to use any Meta products if I can avoid them. SO, for those of you reading this, please know I’ll be transitioning to Signal for chats, or you can text me. Apple Messages is encrypted and I can use it on my desktop, so PLEASE use that if you have an iPhone. Of course, since this will not post to FB, no one will see it. LOL

PEOPLE, we need to stop relying on FB. Period. ANYTHING is better at this point. But I know I’m talking to myself here, because I can’t even convince people to not play the hacker driven personal info gathering games on FB. Sigh.

I am stepping back from FB. I’ve logged out, and I’ll remain logged out for a week, then when I can use the account(s) again, I am taking care of the pages and that’s it. I’ve been only doing memes and bullshit on there for a couple of months, so this is more of that.