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Virgin Mobile USA Support Tips

In light of the truly sucktastic service we’ve gotten from Virgin Mobile USA this week, I felt I should write a post in the hopes that it might help others who use VMU but can’t get things to work. Most of this post has to do with iPhones in particular, since that is what we […]

Avoid Zweeko, mates! (They are GONE anyway!)

Zweeko does not exist any more. Good thing we ditched their sorry asses. I’ll bet they fucked over all their clients, too. They were far more interested in MONEY than SERVICE. Good riddance!

TWO UPDATES at end of this post. Our opinion of Zweeko has declined precipitously. :(

We are done with WiredTree. […]

It’s referral time!

Noticed a big spike in my page views yesterday, so I naturally went to investigate. I went back 100 pings, which goes back a few days. Here are some highlights:

– Got several views from Daniel Davis’ FB post. ? No idea why. – Got 40 views from the State of Alabama Information Services department […]

AOL 2.0

It saddens me that Facebook has become AOL 2.0. People never leave there. I’ve watched my blog stats erode horribly since FB has taken over the goddam internet.

I am a Twitter girl, I admit it. I tend to hang out more on Twitter than anywhere else. I like the immediacy of it and […]

Made it!

[And almost exactly 3 years later, we had to leave WiredTree for getting truly shitty service. They offer absolutely NO protection from DDOS or WP attacks. They blamed us for our sites being attacked. On THEIR server. We even upgraded our account and they still did nothing. I cancelled in the middle of the month […]