Responsive Design

Ugh. Two words I hate the most. YES I KNOW this site is not responsive. You know why? Because I don’t WANT it to be. Yes you have to zoom in on your phone. I really don’t care. This site looks the same on every device and I like it that way.

I detest it when I go to a site in a browser (on my Mac) and get the mobile experience. SO MANY companies do this. Even the taqueria site does this because the template sucks. But it was a massive job to beat that template into submission, so I leave it. I detest a site with infinite scroll (at least the taqueria template doesn’t do that). That seems to be the ultimate goal in “responsive” design: infinite scroll. I HATE IT. I will NOT comply. It is shit design and I won’t do it. (And: get off my lawn ya whippersnappers!)

I’m just waiting for the web design standards to shift again and leave the infinite scroll and hamburger menu (those ubiquitous three lines stacked like a burger that reveal the menu when clicked) crap behind. You should NEVER EVER see a hamburger menu when surfing on a computer. NEVER. It is a specific design tic for phones and has no place in a full fledged computer browser. Yet I see it often. GROSS.

You should NOT see two different sites when you surf there via phone or computer, IMO. Nor should you see a mobile site with infinite scroll and hamburger menus when on a computer. The site should look MOSTLY the same no matter what you use to view it, but most sites do not. Which is why this site will continue to be as it is for the foreseeable future. I just don’t have the time to tear it down and start from scratch. The Atahualpa theme was updated (half assedly, the theme is mostly dead) to be more “responsive”, but to install it, you have to pretty much start from scratch and/or rewrite half the CSS by hand. NOPE. I just hope the damn theme keeps working with WP updates. ::fingers crossed::

So, you’ll just have to deal with zooming in on your phones to read my site. I do not care. I am happy with the layout and the content prints beautifully (recipe printing), which are my main concerns. I’ll redo it one of these days, but probably not for a while. So, thanks for enduring the horror of a non responsive site for me. LOL Of course I know that most of you just read this on FB anyway, so whatever. Enjoy!