Dragons and PVC and Sunburn, Oh MY!

What about dragons? Well, that would be Dragon*Con, from June 29 thru July 2. I mentioned the PVC dress in the blog, so you know about that already, but lemme see if I can recall some of the other tales of the Con…

First, I have no pix to scan yet, so be patient. Ok, Thursday night we go down to get our tix and not much is going on yet. Friday, Andy and I go down for some panels during the day and we hang out around the Con Friday night (Nick joins us after work). I bought the PVC dress on Friday. We are standing outside at the pool in the smoking section, when I spy some redneck guys looking at me, so I go over and say hi. They are nice boys from Arkansas who clearly have no reason to be at the Con other than to listen to the wierd music and drink heavily. Steve and Davis were their names. I had on a slinky black outfit Friday night (it’s ALL about the clothes, darling) and while we were smoking I noticed some guys with very nice cat o’ nines strolling around, so I asked one of them for a couple of whacks. He obliged, but it was not satisfying. I scoped out another guy with a cat o’ nine and asked *him* for a couple of whacks. Ummmm, it was stinging goodness. You’ve gotta love an event where asking to be spanked is akin to asking for a light… >:->

Anyway, the second spanky guy had a couple of friends with him and we ended up hanging with these three for much of the Con. They are Tom, Hannah and Sam, from Knoxville, TN. Can you believe it? Well, Sam and Hannah are married, but very pagan and very cool. Hannah is a VERY schweet little 23 year old with curly red locks nice breasts and a very cute butt. I hope to hook up with them next time I go to the ole homestead. Yeah, baybee, yeah!

So, Saturday is the DAY for me, Nick and Andy. Nick had to work, of course, but Andy and I get our happy asses out of bed at 7:30am to get to a 10am panel. I am in high Goth: big hair, maroon lips, PVC dress, proper skulky attitude. We go to panels and Nick finally meets us at about 2pm. I was totally digging the attention lavished upon me due to the dress. My favourite quote about the dress: “Thank God for vinyl!”. TeeHee! I’d had problems with doofus people stepping on the train of the dress, so Andy had begun to walk a bit behind me to keep people off if it, and when Nick arrived, I had TWO footmen walking behind me! Lemme tell ya, all that was missing was leashes for them! THAT would have been perfect!

So, we attended more panels then went to eat @ Hard Rock Cafe. After that, we went to the totally lame “costume contest” at the Con. That’s in quotes cuz it was more like a really bad play with lots of shameless ads than a costume contest. We tired of that rather quickly, so we went back out to smoke and ran into the TN Three again. We then decided that we should go to the Fetish show at The Secret Room over at Deux Plex. So we catch the shuttle bus and ride over to the club. It was properly dark and skulky with lots of poseurs and leather. They had a little bloodletting show that was really not as wicked as it sounds and just kind of silly. Kids getting up on stage with very little on, letting a piercer gouge their foreheads with needles so they can bleed a little is just not that exciting to me, but some people seemed to like it. Well, after all this, it was about 3:30am when we left the Con, making it a 20 hour day for us. Better living through CHEMISTRY is all I have to say about that! :-)

Needless to say, we were wiped out on Sunday but attended some panels anyway. It took me a couple of days to get over all that. Poor Nick was about dead after this little foray into my partying habits. It took him a week to get over it all. He was still resting last weekend…

But me, well, this last weekend *I* was off to Jacksonville Beach to visit Michelle. The drive down there is oh-so-boring but the beach was good for me. Michelle had a cold but soldiered on in fine fashion. The kitties were skittish at first, but my old pal Garfield warmed up quickly and even Quaalude decided that I was not a bad Auntie after all. We think they figured out that 2 loving humans is better than one as far as the attention factor goes. M and I had yummy Mexican at a place that starts with C whose name I simply cannot remember despite being reminded about 6 times. We also found a really good seafood place called Glen’s (or is it Gene’s??) that is fast, cheap and good. We got gobs of food and I had a half carafe of wine for less than $40. After the seafood, we had originally planned to go out, but we were tired from the ocean that afternoon, so we ended up back at home in front of the computers. Heh heh. Big surprise there! We could both log on due to her phat DSL and a dialup connection, so we wreaked havoc on Dalnet #html. It was a blast. We had the webcam on as well, although the boyz here said that it was not refreshing at all…I don’t know if it was or not, but I know that there was some sort of pic up cuz I got a question about my tattoo. We stayed up til 2am smoking and I was drinking wine so it was a party fer sure. I got up Sunday and went to the beach for a couple of hours without sunscreen in order to get just a little singed. I did. It’s cool cuz I have some ‘tan’ lines now. Tan being a relative term, you know. :-)

I had a really good time hanging with you, Michelle! We simply MUST do it again sometime! Thank you!

I think that’s all the hijinx that are fit to print from my wild life. I got rid of Michael’s due to a run in with that harridan Judy but other than that everything’s groovy. Still looking for the ever evasive f/t job, but not with any enthusiasm.

Hey, it’s ALL good!