Holiday Fear and Loathing

Who says that fear and loathing can’t be in the holiday spirit?? Heh, just watch me! Actually, my Holiday Dread Factor has been tame for the most part, but that makes it all the more irksome…like waiting for the other shoe to drop. We’ll see.

My tattoo is still FABulous. I still look great in vinyl. I’m still incorrigible. But cute enough to get away with it. Heh.

How about a little check in from some of the stuff last time? I think I mentioned a fucked up election: “Mercury retrogrades suck.”. Can any of you believe this shit? You know, I don’t particularly want GeeDubya the Moron and the Dead Guy in office, but which is the lesser of the evils? A moron who is too stupid to DO anything (and his dead-from-a-heartattack VP) or a tantrum throwing micromanager who will TRY to change stuff just because he can? OY VAY! Just concede you asshole! Let the fratboy moron have his crack at it and quitcher whining! You LOST! My whole thing is this: why pick on the Banana Republic of Florida? Does everyone really believe that miscounts and other wackiness hasn’t occurred in the other states?? Come ON! GeeDubya probably did not win, but it’s a moot point now. Al needs to act like he is older than 5 and concede. Politics is soooo disgusting!

” U Haul sucks.[…] Oh, I will get the money. Yes, complaints were filed with them and the BBB.” You’ll all be happy to know that I did get my money back and a High Level Customer Service Buttlicker did call me (aaah, the BBB is your friend) but I have no urge to return the call. Yet. Let me get good and crampy first…

“Customers who drag out payments suck. I hate to wait.” Well, whoever I was waiting on paid up and I’ve actually even made enough to pay most of the bills. How kewl is that? I have nice, well behaved customers. Occasionally I have to let one go, but I think I have really cool, really nice clients. I just sent out 30+ christmas cards to all of them, too. I’ll truly hate leaving my client base when we pack up the truck and move to Beverleee (Silicon Valley, baby!).

“Like Yoda I feel.” Yup, still do. But at least it’s appreciated!

The title of this one is Holiday Fear and Loathing and mine is reflected in the Holiday Dread Factor. I’m not truly feeling it yet, but the angst is creeping in on me daily. I’ve been buying some crafty things for gifts (can’t say what, cuz, well, this is public) but that is not helping the lack of family gifts or Nick’s lack of any gifts. I know I shouldn’t worry about his shit, but it’ll all come down to me anyway, so I may as well start my obsessing early and avoid the rush, right? Oh, and let’s not ignore the fact that we have a flight to Detroit booked on Dec 24th on Delta. Yes, the very same Delta that is already cancelling flights daily to stem off a pilot strike. And Detroit has had a buttload of snow already and there have been flight problems all over up there. As much as I want those free tix from being bumped, I really don’t want to spend Christmas Eve at Hartsfield Airport! Hmmm, maybe some champagne should be taken just in case.

Holidays are a mixed blessing at best. I celebrate Yule. I challenge you to find anything for Yule out there in Retail America. Oh, yes, we have freaking Kwanzaa cards and kids aren’t allowed to sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas (We Wish You a Happy Holiday??? WHAT the hell is that about?) but is there anything for non-organized religions? Hell, no. Those Politically Correct assholes can bite me. Granted, Yule is a very non-retail sort of holiday, but I still resent the fact that in these days of PC everything, we of the Path are still not acknowledged. Harumph.

Holidays are for seeing your folks and hanging with friends. I do like the season, it’s just that I’m so tired this year! I’m wrung out from travelling all over and being shoved in a small space with 2 other people and having a 24-7 high level of stress. At this point, I just wish it was all over. We put up Nick’s teeny little 3 foot tree last night and although I think it’s hella cute, I’m just glad it’s up so it’s one less thing I have to do. Speaking of one less thing… This Rant is over.

Peace, love and a low HDF to you all. I’ll see you after Christmas!

Tattoo pix


My birthday was fabulous. Thanks to Andy, Nick, Sonya, Mike (big cookie was yummy), Ricky, Granny and my parents. Andy and Nick paid for my wonderful original tattoo done by Jett at Black Cat Tattoo here in Atlanta, GA. [Update Nov 2016: Yeah, NO. Do NOT get any work done by Jett or anyone at Black Cat. My expensive tattoo from this was completely blown out in 3 years. Bad line work. He tried to “fix” it and made it worse. It’s a hot mess and takes up my whole shoulder. It will require a large back piece to cover it. – A] As of Nov 2016, I’m using Monster Ink Atlanta for all tattoo work. And getting MUCH better ones. :) All female shop, awesome creativity, ZERO attitude. Here is their yelp. My cherry blossoms are in there w/ my friend’s review!

Happy Birthday to ME!

The Halloween party rocked. It happened before the move, on October 28. We rolled all night, we felt the love, I wore PVC and bindis. It was good. The pix are analog, so be patient for the development/scanning to happen.

The moving of Nicholas sucked. He has too much stuff. But all that’s done now, so it’s really not an issue. I’ve managed to whittle down the number of boxes in my floor to a reasonable amount and I like the way the furniture and lighting has worked out. Anybody know a grandfather clock repairer?

Last Saturday, November 11th, was my birthday. It was fabulous, thanks to my 2 favourite people in the world: Andy and Nicholas. They got me a kick ass, original tattoo (complete documentary in the photo gallery) to commemorate my age and to mark this turning point in my life. 2000 has been a big year for everyone, I know, but I really feel that it’s been a significant change for me. Hell, I’ve gotten by fairly well as a contractor, I’ve made Andy a friend and Nicholas a fiancé, I am a certain age that demands attention. It reduces to the karmic number 8 – and I really do feel the karmic energy of what I’m doing. It’s all very exciting and I alternate between being thrilled and scared shitless. I’m mostly thrilled. Mostly.

Now for what you all love to read: my list of current offenders. Let’s see, it’s a long one this time, so I think I’ll just go chronologically.

1) Mercury retrogrades suck. This one was particularly heinous and I’m damn glad it’s finally over. It was 3 weeks of HELL. It wrecked the election, too, I’ve noticed.

2) U Haul sucks. They are stupid, inefficient, technological morons and they have equally inept employees to further their assault on Customers everywhere. The idiots took my money, yet I got no truck. Monday came, and U Haul could not process my order that was placed 6 days earlier and they could not get me a truck. I’ve still gotten NO refund and I still get stupid, insolent employees when I call about getting my money back. Oh, I will get the money. Yes, complaints were filed with them and the BBB. U Haul are buttlickers. Ryder, on the other hand, ROCKS. They had a truck for me and I picked it up within the hour.

3) Nick has too much stuff. Having to rent the truck an extra day and having to rent a second storage bin sucks.

4) Customers who drag out payments suck. I hate to wait.

5) Being way older than you look can be very cool. But it can suck to have this much experience when your friends don’t. Like Yoda I feel.

6) Birthdays are beginning to suck. This one was waaaaaaay cool thanks to my favourite humans, but I can see where hating birthdays can be a real thing. I must remember that this number reduces to the karmic number 8. Use this power I must.

7) It sucks when people who are supposedly your friends FORGET your fucking birthday. Geez, people, a freaking e-card wouldn’t kill ya, would it? You know who you are.

8) It sucks when you have to give up on a person you’ve tried to be friends with for 2 years. It’s the age thing again. She is too young and too self involved to even give a shit whether or not she burns bridges. Hell, I can’t condemn her for it — I was impetuous when I was twenty-freaking-three. Gotta let it go, though. She is brilliant and lovely and sharp like a broken bottle in shallow water. Maybe in another life or maybe later on in this one. But not now.

9) And finally, that goddamned Artist Way class. It has commenced its previous suckage with a vengeance. I’m not going any more. I really like the book and I enjoy the tasks and stuff, but the classes themselves SUCK ASS. It’s simply AA for artists. This one chick has decided that the class is all about her “process” and I’ve had enough. I’ll tell ya what her “process” is: it’s attending goddamned Meetings every single night and having no life other than wallowing in her own self pity. Ugh. I’m more than a little peeved at the leader of the class as well, who advised me to attend Al-Anon Meetings because I’m trying to find out how to support my fiance’s efforts to unblock himself. She (and obviously the Meeting addict) think that the whole fucking world should attend Meetings!! That is soooo offensive to me! She has no idea how offended I really am. Heh, guess she will now. :-)

I happen to feel that Meetings only help 1% of the 1% of the population that actually go to them. All the rest of the habitual attenders are just substituting talking about their addiction for the actual addiction. And I think that is sad. I’m of the opinion that wallowing in your problems is not a way to get out of them. I think you’ve got to suck it up and get off yer goddamned ass and do the work to dig yourself out of whatever pit you’ve fallen into. No therapist or group wallow will do the work for you. Ever. Heh, but that’s just my opinion. And that’s how it worked for me. My 3 years of therapy didn’t really do that much — it’s the work after the therapy that got me on the right track. I think unless one is truly mentally ill (as in: medicated by Doctors and/or committed) neuroses are self inflicted and self cured. We are a country of neurotic, self involved crybabies who adore whining. Why else would trashy talk shows be so highly rated?

Well. That sure felt good. I’ve had about enough hanky twisting for a while. I’m happy to have the burden of that class off my shoulders. I hope Nick understands and I hope he can still get something out of it. After all, I’m having to do a website in exchange for the class and I’d hate to have to do all that for nothing. He is not as offended by the whole AA atmosphere as I am, anyway, so I’m sure he’ll finish.

Oh, and let’s not forget: it’s ALL about ME now. By God, I’m 35 years old and I am hitting my stride. The rest of you can kiss my karmic number 8 ass. You think it’s bad now, just give me a few more years. :->


Where Does the Time Go?

Here it is, October 27th. I’ve not blogged in more than 3 weeks! Gads! That should tell you something about my life at the moment! I know, you’re thinking “yeah, you have absolutely nothing to say!”, but NO, that’s not it at all. I do have quite a lot to say, actually and you’ll wish I’d kept you up to date when I’m done blabbing.

The creativity class (The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron) has sucked most of the blog energy from me, I hate to say. What with all the fragging writing and painting and Sculpey clay and glitter glue, who has time to do such things as keep one’s online journal up to date?? Oh, and let’s not forget that Nicholas is moving in this weekend and Andy is not moving out as planned, so that has made my stress levels just a TAD HIGH. As a matter of fact, I came dangerously close to totally freaking out and breaking stuff just the other day. Luckily, my cohort in crime Darbi took me into her home and we drank beer with some friends until I didn’t really give a rat’s ass about Andy or Nick or how all this is gonna work out. Thanks to Darbi for the support!

Hmm, as for others in my life, I’ve had my head so far up my ass, it’s been difficult to keep up with anyone other than me. I suppose Michelle is OK, I’ve not heard anything from her and she has had cryptic stuff in her blog, so I don’t have any idea how she is. I sent Don an email and he didn’t respond, either. I wrote Jana an email pointing out her shortcomings and haven’t heard back, so I suppose she has gone her dour and mopey way. I had to cut her loose because she absolutely must stop being the perpetual victim. It is draining to have friends like that. I did it in a very nice-but-honest way and she responded exactly as I knew she would. I’m sorry for that, but it had to be done. Dani and Allen have been around a bit and I’m glad for that. They are a lot of fun to party with! Speaking of parties, the big Jody Halloween Party is tomorrow night! WooHoo! The theme is sex and goth. Can you say Hot Wax Booth? Or Whipping Booth? Mwhuhahahaha! I’m gonna be in Mistress heaven! The Mistress will be very happy to have a night out – she’s been needing a to hear the smack of leather on ASS all week!! >:->

Quote from last time: “It’s all women except for Nick and about half of them are pretty fucked up. Lots of eating disorders and self esteem issues. I don’t really care for the class itself,…” Well, my darlings, I want to amend this entry right now! Last week’s class was quite a shocker! The one chick who I thought was the worst off of the bunch has turned out to be a real spitfire underneath all that angst! She has told her husband to get the hell out and totally changed her attitude. This other chick with whom I felt a lot of camaraderie has decided to stop being a corporate lawyer for companies such as WalMart that use sweatshop labour for their Low Prices Every Day. She is even moving back home to Sarasota! Wow! I am very impressed with the power of this class and I look forward to seeing if it affects Nicholas in such a dramatic way.

The abundance continues and I am very pleased. I’m still not rich, but I’m staying afloat and that is a fine thing! Thank you, Universe!

Wow, I guess that is all I have to say, after all. Seems like there was more, but I guess my work has been most of my busy-ness lately. That, and the overall stress levels. Oh, well, there’ll be more after this weekend fer sure.


Spam, HR and Other Stuff

I get SO SICK of SPAM in my inbox. For real, man. I get more fucking spam than anyone really should. To this end, I’d like all 4 of you to go to Spam Cop right this minute and set up an anti-spam account. It’s free and it is the only way, I’m convinced, to stop the fucking spam. Spam Cop sends the offending server address to ORBS for tracking – and baby, those folks don’t screw around. If you get in their database, you get booted from more mail exchanges than you can count. Just remember, tho, to go to and set up a dummy account ( for all those spam notices to go to, lest you end up getting the anti-spam stuff sent back to you! That sort of defeats the purpose. Besides, it’s best to associate a dummy account with the spam reports so the pissed off ISPs that have been put on notice can’t boot *you* from their domains. Yes, I’ve had it happen to me. I sent a spam report to the assholes at and they reported me as a spammer and blocked my domain from their mail servers. Buttlickers! Trust me, get a dummy account. They got a decent free counter for yer pages over at, too. It’s called nedstat basic . I use it on many of my sites, but not this one, cuz it throws errors if I use the code. Anyway…

HR and marketing people are the most useless bunch of employees on the planet. These are the people who have no discernible talent for any task, but companies hire them because they think that they need to have Marketing and HR departments. I always find it amazing that HR people who by definition must deal with resumes every single day, are the ones who cannot open a single file that they are sent. They are so computer illiterate that they are baffled by any attachment that is not a Word 2000 document. Too funny. Marketing people are the same, but at least they are not required to deal with attachments and such as a part of their job! And let’s not even get into Recruiters and temp agencies. These people are such losers that they (with a straight face) expect you to find candidates for jobs for them, cuz they have absolutely no clue about what they are hiring for in the first place. Total morons, no sense of propriety at all. Especially ThinkJobs! Those people are not only stupid and rude, but they have illusions of grandeur on top of all that. They are such jerks that they had to change the name of the company to get rid of the ill will they had bred! They used to be ATS and they sucked then, just like they suck now.

I am taking the aforementioned creativity class, you know. It’s all women except for Nick and about half of them are pretty fucked up. Lots of eating disorders and self esteem issues. I don’t really care for the class itself, but I am enjoying the ‘homework’ and the journalling. It does take away from here, IMHO, but I think I can keep up both. It’s not that I dislike anyone in the class (I truly do NOT) but I feel that I’m waaaay too normal (read: happy) to hang out with some of them. And I don’t feel creatively blocked. I have been blocked for most of my life, but all that changed when I met Nicholas and my second chakra just blew right open. I am in this class for several reasons, but not for blocked-ness. I am in it to see what others do for fun, to see what may pop out of *me*, to see if it helps Nicholas get past his block and just for plain old fun. I have no problems doing any of the stuff and I take Artist Dates all the time, so that’s nothing new, either. When I go shopping for food, or clothes or whatever, it’s an outing for my child. She loves to shop! I have lots of free time, so I can do what I want, when I want. This freedom has allowed me to explore my creative child and let her ‘out’ to run rampant whenever. I think this is part of the problem for Nicholas. Being trapped in a 40 hour work week really cramps the style of one’s creative child and finding time to play is hard. It is a challenge for me to give him time alone at night, when all I want to do is hang out with him, but it has to happen and it will. He’s doing his thing tonite, actually.

I have had a most abundant couple of weeks! We’ve done the work for Wolfbrook and I’ve been busy with support calls. We sold 2, yes, 2 Powerbooks this week and Nicholas got a $1.75 per hour raise, which translates to $280 extra a month. I am blown away by and grateful for such wonderful abundance! Note to Universe: thanks and send more!!

Synchronicities are afoot this week as well. I was thinking about Allen and Dani for a couple of days when Allen showed up on my doorstep yesterday! It was very cool to see him after many months! And another small one is that we needed some wine glasses and they had them at the Dollar Store when I was there. I suppose all the money falling on my head right now could be a synchronicity, too, but I truly hope that it will continue on this way indefinitely, if not more so! I am ordering a CASE of those money candles! I bought one on a whim and started burning it in my good fortune feng shui corner and BAM! now money is coming from everywhere! Coincidence? I think not! heh heh

That’s it for now. Abundance is everywhere, you just have to accept it.