As the Money Karma Churns

OH, dammit, does the CRAP ever end?

I love being a contractor, but clients trying to fuck me does NOT make me happy. So I get this silly little job from the assholes at the marketing company that I mentioned last time, and when the bitch finally sends my check, she actually SHORTS me for about 1.5 hours! She is too stupid and paranoid to trust that I actually did some of the work at home, so she shorts me for an hour there and then she has the balls to round my times to HALF hours rather than the CLEARLY STATED quarter hours that we agreed upon. Whatta bitch. Well, I should be glad I got paid at all. I didn’t think I was gonna get a dime after the way that bitch treated me. Eh, c’est la vie. I’m $700 richer and they can kiss my ass. Oh, and here is their Soopa Secret website [redacted], only for the eyes of the exclusive client, Barton Beer. Enjoy. Lawyers, feel free to email me with your ceast and desist orders.

This last week, Andy was at a conference, so Nick and I had all week to pod. We have definitely created a monster! Can you say No Sleep? Damn, we did have a good time, though! On Sunday the 18th, we went to the Motörhead concert at the Tabernacle. Yes, I did say Motörhead. Nick is a fan, I am not, but being the sport that I am, I got all slutted up and went. The first band sucked, the second band was okay and the lead singer was very entertaining, but the THIRD band…well, the third band was something altogether different than anything I’ve seen before. They are Nashville Pussy and they ROCK. TVT Records is their label but the site is a popup window hell, so you’ll have to select Nashville Pussy from the menu to get there, sorry, no direct linkie. Did I say that they are different? Let me give you some examples:

1. chicks play guitars in this metal band

2. one chick plays bass, is 6’5″ and blows fire to the ceiling

3. the other chick plays LEAD guitar in a satin bra and PVC pants

The lead guitar chick is HOT. I mean C cup, curvy, big haired HOT. You have not lived until you’ve seen a bodacious girl romping all over the stage humping her guitar in a red satin bra. WHEW! Lawdy, lawdy, somebody bring me some water! OH, and I did end up with the worst tinnitus I’ve ever had (and don’t forget that I used to WORK in rock and roll!). It lasted for 3 days! We forgot the damned earplugs, and the sound was totally screwed, so it was baaaad. I am not impressed with the Tabernacle. We did not even stay for Motörhead, since Nashville Pussy was on until midnite and we had to catch the train home. Atlanta is a lame assed city for transportation – MARTA stops at 12:30.

The large web job that we did the comps for has yet to materialize. The buttpipe will not answer email or phone messages, so I take that as a clear indication that he is a) not paying for the comps and b) he is an asshole for not giving any indication about what is going on. Insert Queen music here: “…and another one bites the dust-uh”.

The IndigoDragon site is being rebuilt. Donna Ladd, the freelance writer has asked me to comment in one of her articles again, so Nick and I are redoing the site in the hopes that some hits will happen when the article is published over at Oh, and I am now the official owner of!

Well, it’s been a year now for The Rant. Wow. Guess I need to get this crap organized and archived, eh? I can tell ya it won’t be immediate, but the site will get a facelift in the near future. I really hate the design and want it redone.

I kept the stupid job at Michaels. They pretty much leave me alone and they haven’t made me do the cash register yet, so I’m happy. I feel that it is looming around the corner, though, and that will most definitely NOT be cool.

It is late. There is more to write, but not now. There may actually be more than one Rant this week…heh, heh, heh, yeah, don’t hold yer breath, but I *do* have more to say…