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Adulting Is Hard

Sometimes I just don’t know how to process things. Being deeply insulted by a friend is hard. (“I can’t think of anyone less hospitable than you!” in reference to my being in the hospitality industry.) Trying to not let it get to me is harder. Some people *think* they know me, but really do not. […]

Oh, Grow UP!

This is spurred by Facebook, of course. The land of things that irritate me. Sigh. It’s not directed at any one person, just the overall bible thumping that is STILL in my goddam feed, despite my best efforts to eradicate it. Ugh. This will irritate some of you. Sorrynotsorry.

I really hate it when […]

International Women’s Day

In honour of this auspicious day, I offer you a judgmental rant. I am not sorry. Several things have set me off, so let’s start with the IWD stuff and then move to other issues that piss me off.

For this IWD, the Day Without a Woman movement is taking place. The idea […]

Obamacare Penalty

This was a comment I posted to one of the Obamacare sites. Fuck Obamacare.

So we got a penalty this year. Although by all calculations we fell below the % formula. Even our CPA didn’t understand why we were penalized when the AGI x 8.05% income number was below the cost of a crappy Bronze […]

You Will Be Serfs! UPDATED!

This was written right before we walked away from Maplehurst and got this beautiful house in Tucker in June 2014. We are happy as clams and have not one single regret about deciding to rent. And we will NEVER buy again. FUCK THAT. Thanks to not buying, we now have investments, a fat savings account […]