Another Quickie Update

So the mortgage loan is stalled once again. Apparently the bankruptcy is fine, it’s the second mortgage on this place (that was DISCHARGED) that is causing us to get kicked out again. We’ll know tomorrow or Tuesday one way or the other. If it falls through, then we will be renting for the foreseeable future. And we are fucking FINE with that. The mortgage industry is still just as ridiculous as ever – if not worse – than it was before the crash. Now they can refuse you for any reason in the name of “safe loans”. They can all fuck off and die. I’ve got several rentals lined up just in case.

The stress is pretty bad, but the resentment is worse. We are so bitter and resentful of the whole banking industry right now. And they wonder why we don’t keep all our money in the system? HA!! If this falls through, I may never buy again, just like everyone else. I’ll just rent from all the rich white folks who have benefited from this whole real estate fiasco. Fine. The rich white folks can HAVE IT. I’m SO put out. It’ll be nice to call someone ELSE to fix broken shit anyway. What the fuck ever. Renting is a futile use of money, but the system it set up to push more people to it. Thus enriching the already rich bastards that own 150 rentals. Fuck it and fuck them. Ugh.

We’ll continue to plan for our future, regardless if the “system” helps us or not. We’ve done everything by ourselves for this long, why change now? We’ve go NO backup. Nick’s parents are dead, mine wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire. We don’t have any rich friends, nothing. If we’re going to attempt our dream, then it’s up to us and NO ONE will get in the way of that. We don’t fit the system and the system doesn’t fit us, that’s clear.

That’s where we are: stressed out, resentful and making alternative plans. ::maniacal laugh! maniacal laugh!::

Let the games begin!

[We did NOT buy a house, thank the gods. We decided to rent and I thank my lucky stars EVERY DAY that we did. Fuck home ownership. It is a neverending black hole for your money. We’ll never go through this shit again. HAPPY RENTERS!! – Jan 28 2017]

I like our Realtor, I do, but in general, all the people involved in the buying and selling of real estate bug the shit out of me.

It’s partly because I grew up with a Realtor/builder father, I suppose. He would RAIL about the dumbasses he had to deal with. I never really believed him until I bought my first house and am now looking at another. The mortgage industries are run by squirrels, I tell you: SQUIRRELS. And they’ve ALL lost their nuts.

After the debacle with the agent (NOT a Realtor©) that sold us this house, I was prepared for more of the same: ignorance, bad leads, blocking the sale, etc. Luckily for me, I found the best Realtor© in Atlanta. TOOOOTALLY different experience. Beth is awesome and we couldn’t have done this deal without her. When I showed up at her house to drop off the earnest check, she took one look at my stressed out self and poured me wine. THAT is someone who gets me! LOL

The mortgage people, on the other hand, are so clueless that you spend all your time trying to figure out what, exactly, it is that they want you to do. The processor (not the originator, who is OK) we’re dealing with can’t read bank statements, apparently. It has been a frustrating and unpleasant experience with the mortgage. Not unexpected, but much worse than anticipated.

For instance, we were given several docs to fill out and sign for the mortgage company. Our mortgage officer is awesome and she feels the industry is ridiculous like I do. So one doc is called the “Consumer Explanation Letter”. This is a document listing the bankruptcy (and I guess other judgements against you if you have them) and the associated accounts affected by the bankruptcy – such as the mortgage. What they want you to do is give them a one sentence explanation of WHY you filed bankruptcy. Like it’s any of their goddam business. So for us, I totally blame Bank of America, who closed all our open credit and lowered our cards so as to completely shut us down and ruin our credit without provocation. It’s not like we missed payments, we did not. So that’s what we put. Fuck BoA and fuck the mortgage industry [we did not add that last sentence, although it is implied].

The mortgage people also cannot understand how a credit union works. With a CU, unlike a bank, the account will have only one name on it, even if it’s a joint account. The reason is that CUs have members who are shareholders, not clients, and each account is ONE SHARE. So you can’t have two names on one share. Makes sense, right? Well, not apparently to the mortgage industry. Nope, they are completely confused by this and want all this extra documentation proving that a) it’s really a joint account and b) I won’t take all the money out and run away with it. ?? I shit you not. Because if you don’t use a goddam BANK like god intended, then you are a communist criminal.

Fuck the banking system and fuck the mortgage system. Neither has changed one single iota since ruining the economy AND getting TRILLIONS in bailout money. They are still showing record profits and now they can treat borrowers EVEN WORSE than they did before in the name of “trying to make loans more secure.” Read: “trying to make sure we make as much money as possible off the poor sods who need house loans.” It’s absolutely disgusting.

Fun fact: FHA loans, which have always had big insurance payments tacked on for a few years, are now engineered with expensive mortgage insurance built in for the life of the loan. $200 x 360 months (30 yr) = $72k. That is 72 THOUSAND DOLLARS extra you’ll pay with an FHA loan. You could buy a second house with that! And this is “helping” Americans buy a home how, exactly? Oh, yes, because it allows someone who’s bankrupted to buy again in 2 years. Nevermind that people bankrupted because of BANKS in the first place… Our fucking payment on a $183k loan is over $1250/mo with the FHA insurance. !! That is too much for a $183k loan! So now we are overburdened by this extortion and we’ll have to go through ANOTHER loan process to refinance and get rid of the goddam FHA loan in a few years. Great. FUCK THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY.

So, as we continue onward towards getting a new pad, we’ll try to not kill the mortgage people no matter how much they need killin’. Eyes on the prize!! We just want it to be over, now, please.

Americans are sheeple

It’s clear to me that Americans will bend over and take whatever is given to them. I think that is the root of all the problems that this country has: the inability of Americans to DO anything more than whine.

Americans whine about being molested by the TSA, yet do nothing to stop it. The TSA supposedly got rid of the nudie scans, but you can bet they won’t get rid of the backscatter xray machines all together because Americans just accept this violation of civil rights without protest. It’s easier than being delayed or actually having to say I OPT OUT. Whine, whine, that’s SO HARD.

Americans whine about no healthcare, yet are willing to allow the government to mandate that we pay private companies pretty much whatever they want in lieu of ACTUAL healthcare.

Americans whine about pollution by utilities, yet allow them (Southern Company, I’m looking at YOU) to continue using coal fired plants and refuse to change. All the while, raising rates continuously in the name of “innovation”. Right. Meanwhile, there’s no real use of solar or wind turbines in the US. Why? Well, that would stop the utilities making money hand over fist and lessen the kickbacks to politicians. That’s just crazy talk!

Americans pay 10x more for 100x slower internet speeds than the rest of the world, yet do nothing to end the oligopolies that are keeping things just like they are. Oligobble our balls!

Ugh. I’m just really put out with the bullshit today. It all started with AT&T being completely incapable of changing an account from consumer to business. It has been a MONTH. It’s finally in there, yet I can barely log in to the goddam control panel. Why? Because AT&T’s shitty website has cache issues. Jeeze. Dude I admin for pays that piece of shit company almost $300/mo for 5 phones and they refuse to even give him a minor iPhone upgrade as a bonus. It’s crazy! Why more Americans simply refuse to use AT&T is beyond my comprehension. I wouldn’t use AT&T if they were the last phone company on earth. I’d just use email. The level of SUCK of AT&T should not be tolerated, yet people just suck it up and keep paying the excessive bills because it’s easier than actually DOING something about it.

GODS. //end sheeple rant

Conformity, Political Correctness and Entitlements

The current attitude held by liberals is, apparently, that EVERYTHING must be legislated and lawyered. I read an article in a hippy magazine in which the author felt the need to raise a stink and go on the news about some dumbass bitch who took a 4 year old into a violent R rated movie. Yah, you know I hate children in movies AT ALL, but it’s not this dude’s place to “correct” this woman’s behaviour. I was then told about a town that legislated no children under 4 are allowed in PG or R movies and no children under 12 are allowed into R movies at any time. Of course, this action was taken to court as “age discrimination” and overturned. What the fuck ever. Again, NOT the government’s place (OR that dude’s) to monitor behaviour in the first place.

The current belief that government should legislate behaviour (thus ensuring conformity) is completely misguided. I don’t really understand how people in their right minds would ever think that the government should legislate behaviour. It seems that the common opinion is that everything should be lawyered up and legislated “for our own good”. Have you read A Wrinkle in Time? Enforced conformity is never a good thing. People should be able to do as they please as long as they do not harm others, period.

I think that the current batch of hippy liberals would be JUST FINE with the government running everything so they can sit back and collect their checks, living in the soft cocoon of never having to THINK. I’m NOT a fucking nutbag right winger, either! I’m a centrist who values independence and self sufficiency. Some of the stupid shit I see posted about the evils of paying your OWN way makes me want to vomit. Yep, looking at YOU Facebook.

The pervasiveness of enforced political correctness is also alive and well on FB. If you DARE say anything that is not watered down (read: politically correct), some asshole will inevitably step in and “correct” your post, letting you know that you are not being nice and someone might be offended. Well, so the fuck what? If people spent less time being offended by everything and trying to control what others think and more time minding their own back yards, the world would be a better place. Every fucking comment on FB is not about YOU, oh Enforcer of PC and Conformity. Sometimes a comment is just a comment and not up for debate. Grow up and get a thicker skin.

Nick and I were talking about entitlements the other day. People these days have no problem asking for money for anything. I want a new camera! Will you guys pay for it? And VOILÀ, people WILL! WTF? Now, having a dire emergency like surgery or something is one thing, but begging money just because you can? That rubs me the wrong way. Nick and I were toying with the idea that we should start begging money to finance our move – why not? But we can’t do that. We are FAR, FAR too independent to ask for help like that when there is no emergency, just WANT.

It seems that independence and making your own way are antiquated ideas these days.

Nick and I are saving up our pennies to make the move happen. While having a pile of money handed to us would be great, we would NEVER EVER ask our friends for it. It just seems crass and rude to me. ::sigh:: I guess I’ll never understand the entitlement attitude of Millennials. I was not raised that way. I was raised by entrepreneurs who did for themselves. They resisted giving me money for college fer chrissakes! Tighter than two coats of paint. I suppose I’m the same. I don’t like Southern culture as a whole, but I do like the independent streak that I got from it. If you don’t like it, KISS MY GRITS, jackwagon! Heh.

I know I’m old, but DAMN, has everyone lost the ability to do for themselves? Judging by the bent of the current political race, I’d have to surmise YES. Half of this country is people who want entitlements (Democrats) and the other half is preoccupied with controlling all behaviours and making sure the Baby Jesus is #1 (Republicans). How about we take care of ourselves, leave others alone (what those precious few of us who are NOT partisan think) and make the government fix the goddamn infrastructure that’s crumbling out from under us? How about that? Federal government is for military, infrastructure and collecting taxes to pay for the above. It’s not for monitoring citizens’ activities, preaching about the Baby Jesus or handing out entitlements.

It seems that conformity, political correctness and entitlements have become the wave of the future. Those of you who think this is awesome might as well bail now, because I will rail against it as long as I draw breath. And I won’t change my opinions if they offend you. Deal with it.

We will make it out of this ghetto. We will start again in Phoenix Tucker. We will make our dreams happen. And we will do this ON OUR OWN. It will take longer (much longer) than bumming money, but by the gods, it will be OUR victory. THAT is worth the sacrifice and the wait.

It’s a shame so few people understand this ideal any more. Our country is the worse for it.

Wells Fargo: Eat a BAG of Dicks!

I just wasted about an hour and a half on the phone with fucking Wells Fargo. What a useless bunch of twats. After calling 4 different numbers, being in 5 different queues and talking to five people, this last guy pretty much sums up why I think the banks can SUCK IT.

Wells Fargo: “…unless your house appraises for $75k, Fannie Mae will not offer you any sort of refinancing. They offer ONLY 125% refinancing and your house would have to appraise at $75k.” [Which means: we are not eligible for any help whatsoever and neither is anyone else whose property is more than 25% underwater. VERY helpful, yah.]

I: “Well, how about I offer you $75k for a house worth $50k and we split the difference?”

WF: “Who eats the $20k?”

I: “Wells Fargo, that’s who! $20k ain’t a pimple on the ass of WF!”

WF: “If we did that for everyone, we’d be out of business in about 4 minutes!”


O RLY? Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae, who received BILLIONS of bailout money from MY TAXES, can’t afford to help anyone whose house value has dropped more than 25%? OMG. I’ve heard it all, now.

This is why this country is in the shitter. The banks AND Fannie Mae (government) do not give a rat’s ass about the rank and file. And YES, they would rather write off abandoned properties than keep someone in them, which would allow for neighborhoods to come back. But who cares about neighborhoods? Just let the homes be empty so the banks get PAID.

This total and complete disconnect with PEOPLE and NEIGHBORHOODS is the issue. This total and complete disregard for rebuilding is why people (like us) are just saying FUCK IT and walking away. Which is what we’ll end up doing in the end. I will not pay $93k for a house valued at $50-60k. I will not do it. And Wells Fargo/Fannie Mae can just have it the fuck back. Good luck getting your $93k then, assholes. [Maplehurst ended up being worth about $40k, which made it $80k underwater. NOT SORRY we walked. -A ]

What an absolute FARCE. I am seriously dumbfounded by the attitude of that asshole at WF. It’s like WE are the assholes for buying a home in the first place. WTF?

Enjoy your losses, WF. We won’t be here forever and we will NOT pay this mortgage forever. Believe it.

Just damn.

Addendum: I also got turned down by Atlanta Legal Aid cuz we too rich. Riiight. All I got left is talking to some referred lawyer and stop paying. I vote stop paying. The lady at ALA said if we were 6 mo behind on the mortgage, we’d qualify for no less than 6 different plans, but since we’re current, NADA. So currently, you are rewarded for NOT paying rather than trying to work things out. Got it.

This is seriously FUCKED UP.