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You Will Be Serfs! UPDATED!

This was written right before we walked away from Maplehurst and got this beautiful house in Tucker in June 2014. We are happy as clams and have not one single regret about deciding to rent. And we will NEVER buy again. FUCK THAT. Thanks to not buying, we now have investments, a fat savings account […]

Another Quickie Update

So the mortgage loan is stalled once again. Apparently the bankruptcy is fine, it’s the second mortgage on this place (that was DISCHARGED) that is causing us to get kicked out again. We’ll know tomorrow or Tuesday one way or the other. If it falls through, then we will be renting for the foreseeable future. […]

Let the games begin!

[We did NOT buy a house, thank the gods. We decided to rent and I thank my lucky stars EVERY DAY that we did. Fuck home ownership. It is a neverending black hole for your money. We’ll never go through this shit again. HAPPY RENTERS!! – Jan 28 2017]

I like our Realtor, I do, […]

Americans are sheeple

It’s clear to me that Americans will bend over and take whatever is given to them. I think that is the root of all the problems that this country has: the inability of Americans to DO anything more than whine.

Americans whine about being molested by the TSA, yet do nothing to stop it. […]

Conformity, Political Correctness and Entitlements

The current attitude held by liberals is, apparently, that EVERYTHING must be legislated and lawyered. I read an article in a hippy magazine in which the author felt the need to raise a stink and go on the news about some dumbass bitch who took a 4 year old into a violent R rated movie. […]