Millennial Madness Indeed

Here it is, Y2K and all is well. Heh, big surprise.

Despite my best efforts, I have remained unemployed. I like slacking < a LOT > but this lack-o-money thing is a real DRAG. :-(

Christmas holidays were boooooring and uneventful. The drive to Miami from Atlanta totally sucked and I’ll never do that again. Andy is nuts! But all that was just for the purpose of getting the money for us to be in New York City at the turn of the century.

After the boring holidays, the NYC trip was just the ticket! We stayed at my friend Brian’s apartment in Forest Hills and scampered all over the city for 5 days. I’m working on a photo essay right now with the digital pix from the trip. Oh, the Halloween pix are up. Heh, it’s only 2 months past the event! Not bad for a slack-ass like myself.

The photo essay will be posted faster. I’ve already got the concept, I just need to fiddle with some Javascript to get the window to pop up and center. I have the cool sidebar done, all I have to do is decide upon a format for the actual pix. Anyway, so the essay is about our NYC trip and the coolness of being close to all that craziness in Times Square. (And it was actually not bad. The mosh pit at the Hole concert was about 100 times worse!)

Well, I’m off to search for a job in the AJC online ads. I HATE this.