Thanksgiving Catch-up

You know how it is during the holidays… I’ll prolly be more sporadic than usual in my log entries.

Hmmm, let’s see, last time was right after the Halloween party. Still no pix, SORRY! I tell ya, I have no equipment and despite the fact that I got a FREE scanner at my local users group Swapfest, the damn thing has no findable software so it’s useless. BAH! If anyone has heard of RealTech Scan 800 scanners, shoot me a line.

Oh, the birthday thing was fun: got a real, pump-driven espresso machine (not one of those bullshit little boiler things) from Andy and lots of yummy sushi and sake from my friends. We had a good time at Nickiemotos.

Also on the free/swap front, I swapped the dead PowerComputing box for a couple of Powerbook 520c batteries and cables. Seemed like a good swap at the time, but now my PB won’t acknowledge ANY battery I insert. What a pisser. Good thing I don’t rely on the battery power for it.

What else…well, Andy and I went to my parents’ casa for Turkey Day. No events there. Heh, my life has sucked balls lately!! If anyone else has a life, please email me and tell me what it’s like, wouldja?? I have had precious little contract work this month, but…

I am in the middle of interviewing for a real, live internet job! Hey, that’s pretty exciting! The problem with that is a) I did a homework assignment for them that they haven’t commented on b) they appear to be too busy to tell me if I got the job or not and c) I am stone cold BROKE in the meantime.  It’s been almost 2 weeks now and nada. I’ve talked to the HR wench, but I am not convinced that she has a clue. I actually like this HR chick a lot, I just doubt how much influence she has in the whole scenario.

Has anyone noticed this background? I was using it for my resume background a long time ago, when I realized that it is very lewd. I LIKE it!! Gee, I wonder if the background scared away prospective employers? heh heh heh

As for big thoughts today, well, I guess I don’t really have any. I haven’t read anything provoking lately, just the ridiculous shlock that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution claims is news. I did see Toy Story 2 yesterday. It was great! It lifted my spirits a bit and it was entertaining enough that all the brats in the theatre were actually quiet during the movie.

Wish me luck with the job, and have a great week.