Birthdays and stuff

The Halloween party was a huge success. There were a coupla hundred people there and the costumes were fabulous. Alas, the band only got to play one set, due to the DeKalb county fuzz that busted us. The good news is that apparently extremely loud STEREO music outdoors is perfectly fine with DeKalb county. The stereo was louder than the band was at one point. I nipped that quickly, however, since it was MY stereo and it had begun to clip a little on the low end. I was very impressed with our 18 year old system (Technics and JBL)–it rocked the house, baybee!

I got a burst of inspiration as I was putting Manic Panic Vampire Red in my hair, and I ended up being an android. The set up is that Prof. Einstein (andy) made me as his lovely assistant. I used the liquid latex as my android breastplating and some metal tape dressed up with the appropriate buttons and gauges as the control panel. I used Andy’s silver hair paint to give myself a nice silver tinge and added purple lipstick to finish the look. My hair was magenta, and very BIG. The lovely Michelle and her big haired hubby Tim graced us with their presence and so did Dani and Allen. I hope to have pix up this week. Regular cameras are such a DRAG!!! If anyone would like to unload a digital camera, please ask for my address. You can send it anytime. ;-)

Today, I finally got off my slacker ass and designed Diary of a Dog. It is 20 paragraphs and I think you’ll like it. If you’d like to contact Eryn, the author, please email me your comments and I’ll forward them.

I hope to have another work by a friend up soon. It is called Words I Sleep With and I hope to have some of the original layout included. It is a collection of poetry by several women in our social circle.

Oh, and about that birthday thing…Well, mine is next week. Yes, November 11 is the day of my birth. I am a Sun sign Scorpio, Sagitarius rising with a Gemini moon. I know: what a mess! I have the intensity of Scorp, the tactlessness of Sag and the chattiness and changeability of a Gemini. All gifts and donations can be sent to me here. :-D

My yoga class was interestingly off track last night. We did energy work rather than yoga. I am not much into touchy-feely stuff, but the work we did was pretty cool. We formed a circle of energy around a volunteer, then we laid our hands on her while channeling energy. All participants felt warm and fabulous after the exercise. It was like doing a ritual for me. I mentioned that to my teacher afterwards and she seemed suprised about it. I don’t know why, since energy work is energy work–even if it’s called magick by some.

Enjoy the week. Om shanti.