Where I’ve Been

So, where have I been? Well, up to my ass in resumes and HTML code, mostly. I’m STILL on the hunt for a job working for the man so I can pay some bills. To that end, I’ve been putting up a new portfolio site for these web people to look at. That’s why YOU, gentle reader, get to admire the popup ads of Tripod while reading my looooong missive.

So, anyway, I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. Let’s see, I’ve been home to KnoxVegas to visit the family. Boring, except for running around in my parents’ back yard, at midnight, NEKKID. Yessiree, I said nekkid. It was a full moon, you see, and I was doing a simple ritual, so it’s really not so odd when you know that part, right? I said, RIGHT? Just as I suspected: raised eyebrows, gasps and pearl-clutching from a few. Oh, well, just doing my best to piss off the religious right! :-)

This week has been an illustration of how ignorance and pride can really be a baaad combination… I was going to go off on a rant about this woman I do some work for, but I’ve changed my mind and all I’ll say is that I’m sick to death of silly, irrational people who hate technology and refuse to LEARN how to deal with it.

Instead, I’d like to talk about change. Change is indicative of growth and change is hard. As you know, I’m changing from support to web design and it is SLOW going. I read my cards a lot in times like these, and I’m usually uplifted by all the success cards that show up, but these last couple of weeks, I’m just OVER of all the 8 of Cups and 6 of Swords and The Lovers and 8 of Pentacles. I’ve been getting these over-the-top readings for 6 months now and I’ve yet to see all the money and success they portend. Oh, and I’ve yet to take that long trip that they keep hollering about, too. Impatient? Hell YEAH.

You remember the nutbag guy from my last entry? Well, I finally got in contact with him again and he informed me that he had 6 “webmasters” lined up who were posting his stupid little article on their websites for free. He then hints of all the “ideas” these guys have offered, but he won’t give me any details. I ask him how I’m supposed to even have an idea if I don’t even know who the audience is? He starts being a DICK with me, saying that I have no ideas and I just hang up on him. That’s it. So, hey, I guess THAT wasn’t the woohoo money making idea that I’m supposed to get, eh?

So, here I am, doing web design out the ass, putting up pages and revisions daily, just as I would at a ‘real job’ and getting no money. Dammit, the companies don’t understand that you don’t have to have a freakin’ degree in design or know PERL to add pages and maintain a site!!! You don’t even need those skills to BUILD a site for most people!

Wish me luck in my search for a job. And look for my articles about books I’ve read on this site and on Michelle’s new site (that isn’t up yet).

Om Shanti.