Whatta Week!

This has been one of those weeks that makes you wonder if you are sane at all, or just faking it. As you know, I’m looking for a new gig to pay the bills. That is the least of it, really.

I have been hounded by the minions of frustration this week. Not only is the job search sucking, but every thing I’ve done has been a clusterfuck. I am feeling a bit like the cosmic joke’s on me! Early in the week I go to rescue this Mac that I take care of for a local paper, only to be bitched at by the publisher because she refuses to call me when she has trouble. Then, I go to take care of my friend Michelle’s kitties while she’s away only to find the main building door locked. Bugger!

Then, I decide to meditate and read my cards to try and figure out what I’m doing wrong, only to get fabulous, positive readings all three times I did it. Right! Everything is fabulous, that’s why I have no money for the August bills… Bah! All three readings said that I was about to get an extremely lucrative job tossed into my lap and it would be something that I had not considered. Read on.

Then, I call about this web design job and this guy [with some really screwy ideas] calls me back. He claims to be involved with this group called Corporate America, who has 8200+ members looking for an information broker/webmaster. His personal design job is tiny, but he claims that the real job is that ALL 8200+ of these CEOs are wanting to pay $85k a year each for someone to spoon feed them web information that they need. The catch is that these guys are wanting the info given to them via some sort of TV based or telephone method because they are technophobes and will not use the ‘Net at all (or so he says).

I tell ya, I am really interested in the information broker idea, but I have no way to contact the interested parties other than the [supposed] astrophysicist whose project is tracking the “ESP signals that the aliens are sending”. No lie. I have some reservations about someone who claims to be a scientist, but refuses to use a computer, only talks on the phone and will not meet anyone in person. And I doubt that there are 8200+ CEOs out there who are as technophobic as the one I talked to. But if there are that many old guys afraid of technology, then perhaps this could be a real lead. Another cosmic joke? I guess only time will tell.