Well, it figures that about the time I get a cool link from someone else’s site (thanx M), here I am with my goddam page on TRIPOD!! Oy, vay!! The horror! At least go here and look at my real site, for chrissakes! It’s a virtual host, but the domain is mine and the space is paid for and pop-up-less.

Well, this has spurred me to get off my ass and get my new domain set up pronto! I have checked out he.net (Michelle has switched to them recently) and they appear to have really good services for a really good price. The straight up cheap dealie is only $9.95/month and although you pay for your traffic over a certain amount, it is perfect for a small site. They even offer all sorts of server side stuff that I am clueless about *now*, but may want in the future.

I have a couple of book reviews done and ready to go to Michelle’s site. I just talked to her tonite at Twain’s, a local bar, and she said “send ’em”, so off they go to her. I’m gonna wait to post them here. Did a housecall yesterday and made a couple of bills and I got a call today about fixing a couple of Macs at a small graphics firm. It’s the same old story: “I bought this great new G3 and now my stuff doesn’t work!!”. Um, didja ever even THINK to check and see if that PhotoShop 3 or Quark 2.x would function with a new system??? Hell, no. That’s how we Mac techs make money. It’s not that the Macs have that many problems, it’s the silly users who seem to think that software will work forever and hardware will always be 68k. Bah! This, friends and neighbors, is why I want out of support. I’m tired of the same shit over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a MacHead–I’ve just reached the plateau and it’s not a challenge anymore.

But I’m not bored enough to pass up the ca$h! It seems that the little ad in the crappy local paper must be doing something: both jobs have come from it. I think I’m going to see if the publisher will let me have 2 1/16 page ads in lieu of the one 1/8 page ad that I currently run. Then I can do both Mac support (easy) and web design (fun).

Wish me luck with getting 2 ads and with getting a web job. It’s what I’m holding out for!

Oh, and look for that new domain real soon! :-)

ps: THAT’S IT! I have had all I’m gonna take from this piece of SHIT GoLive!!! It just changed every link in this site to garbage, so don’t write me if you find a broken one. ARRRRGH! GoLive sucks!