Eclipses, Snags and Pro bono

Ok, so I haven’t been myself lately. Ever since the full moon with a lovely eclipse a week ago, I’ve been very distracted and unable to get anything done.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Oh, but one really BIG thing happened: I was interviewed for a Salon article!! I was so stoked about it that I tweaked my ID site to death in preparation for hits–only to NOT get a link from the article. WAH! Of course I didn’t say anything to Donna Ladd about it, lest I seem ungrateful for the interview. But I am disappointed. I hope she will use me as a source again so I can come right out and ask for a link!

Still on the ever-loving hunt for a ‘real’ job, I did actually have an interview the day before said eclipse. It was for a really sweet position as a break/fix tech for a company that contracts in the state of GA school systems. The job offers not one, but TWO Powerbook G3s, a desktop G4, free internet access, cell phone, pager, company car for all travel and Apple certifications out the wazoo. No word yet. A psychic said she felt ‘very positive’ about it and that they liked me a lot. Put that with the casting and conjuring that I did during the eclipse and that should equal gainful employment, right?

We had an ice storm here last weekend that left us with no power for 2 days. Such misery! We were fortunate to be out for only 2 days–there are actually people who are STILL suffering. The ‘blizzard’ that was supposed to slam us this weekend has totally fizzled out, so now it’s likely we’ll get no more than a flurry. This is very irritating! I hate bracing for something and getting absolutely nada. BAH!

The promised photo essay has been delayed due javascripting snags. I wanted a window to open and center itself for the essay and it has been difficult to find the code for it. The script to open a window is easy, it’s the centering part that seems to be sort of a specialty item. I finally drug myself onto Michelle’s favorite IRC channel and begged for help. I am lucky that I have Michelle to use as a shield against the 15 year olds’ bad attitudes in that channel, otherwise getting help is a real pain in the ass. I don’t think that *all* the guys on this channel are 15, I just think they act like it. The html channel is specifically a help channel, so I find it irritating that the Ops are such assholes to people looking for assistance. The Ops think that the channel is for their personal use and they seem to think that harassing *everyone* who is not part of the clique is cool. So high school. This is why I am very hesitant to use IRC — I’m a LONG way from high school and I have a low tolerance for bullshit like that.

I have an interesting opportunity to do pro bono web design work. This time, it’s — another anti-spam nonprofit site that documents spam and sends it to the appropriate legislative people. The site has fair design elements, but the main problem is usability. No navigation, over 10 links on a page, no common links to hold the site together. I hope to begin work on that soon. My ‘pay’ will be links to my site on the pages.

And the last bit o’ news: I’m moving this site to a new, ad-free host! I’ve found, a provider in the UK that offers 20Mb of space, no ads, and tons of features like CGI, SQL, PHP and more. They are an ISP and the servers seem to be fast and stable so far. [NOTE: I just tried to upload this and could not log on. Bad, very bad.] The site will be mirrored here for a while, then I’m going to break apart the sites, leaving all the extraneous crap (saris, mehndi, herbs, wicca, etc.) here and setting up the stuff there. I think I’m gonna pay Namesecure $25 to forward to the space (now defunct), so I can get some use out of that domain I bought. Stay tuned!

Millennial Madness Indeed

Here it is, Y2K and all is well. Heh, big surprise.

Despite my best efforts, I have remained unemployed. I like slacking < a LOT > but this lack-o-money thing is a real DRAG. :-(

Christmas holidays were boooooring and uneventful. The drive to Miami from Atlanta totally sucked and I’ll never do that again. Andy is nuts! But all that was just for the purpose of getting the money for us to be in New York City at the turn of the century.

After the boring holidays, the NYC trip was just the ticket! We stayed at my friend Brian’s apartment in Forest Hills and scampered all over the city for 5 days. I’m working on a photo essay right now with the digital pix from the trip. Oh, the Halloween pix are up. Heh, it’s only 2 months past the event! Not bad for a slack-ass like myself.

The photo essay will be posted faster. I’ve already got the concept, I just need to fiddle with some Javascript to get the window to pop up and center. I have the cool sidebar done, all I have to do is decide upon a format for the actual pix. Anyway, so the essay is about our NYC trip and the coolness of being close to all that craziness in Times Square. (And it was actually not bad. The mosh pit at the Hole concert was about 100 times worse!)

Well, I’m off to search for a job in the AJC online ads. I HATE this.

Thanksgiving Catch-up

You know how it is during the holidays… I’ll prolly be more sporadic than usual in my log entries.

Hmmm, let’s see, last time was right after the Halloween party. Still no pix, SORRY! I tell ya, I have no equipment and despite the fact that I got a FREE scanner at my local users group Swapfest, the damn thing has no findable software so it’s useless. BAH! If anyone has heard of RealTech Scan 800 scanners, shoot me a line.

Oh, the birthday thing was fun: got a real, pump-driven espresso machine (not one of those bullshit little boiler things) from Andy and lots of yummy sushi and sake from my friends. We had a good time at Nickiemotos.

Also on the free/swap front, I swapped the dead PowerComputing box for a couple of Powerbook 520c batteries and cables. Seemed like a good swap at the time, but now my PB won’t acknowledge ANY battery I insert. What a pisser. Good thing I don’t rely on the battery power for it.

What else…well, Andy and I went to my parents’ casa for Turkey Day. No events there. Heh, my life has sucked balls lately!! If anyone else has a life, please email me and tell me what it’s like, wouldja?? I have had precious little contract work this month, but…

I am in the middle of interviewing for a real, live internet job! Hey, that’s pretty exciting! The problem with that is a) I did a homework assignment for them that they haven’t commented on b) they appear to be too busy to tell me if I got the job or not and c) I am stone cold BROKE in the meantime.  It’s been almost 2 weeks now and nada. I’ve talked to the HR wench, but I am not convinced that she has a clue. I actually like this HR chick a lot, I just doubt how much influence she has in the whole scenario.

Has anyone noticed this background? I was using it for my resume background a long time ago, when I realized that it is very lewd. I LIKE it!! Gee, I wonder if the background scared away prospective employers? heh heh heh

As for big thoughts today, well, I guess I don’t really have any. I haven’t read anything provoking lately, just the ridiculous shlock that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution claims is news. I did see Toy Story 2 yesterday. It was great! It lifted my spirits a bit and it was entertaining enough that all the brats in the theatre were actually quiet during the movie.

Wish me luck with the job, and have a great week.

Birthdays and stuff

The Halloween party was a huge success. There were a coupla hundred people there and the costumes were fabulous. Alas, the band only got to play one set, due to the DeKalb county fuzz that busted us. The good news is that apparently extremely loud STEREO music outdoors is perfectly fine with DeKalb county. The stereo was louder than the band was at one point. I nipped that quickly, however, since it was MY stereo and it had begun to clip a little on the low end. I was very impressed with our 18 year old system (Technics and JBL)–it rocked the house, baybee!

I got a burst of inspiration as I was putting Manic Panic Vampire Red in my hair, and I ended up being an android. The set up is that Prof. Einstein (andy) made me as his lovely assistant. I used the liquid latex as my android breastplating and some metal tape dressed up with the appropriate buttons and gauges as the control panel. I used Andy’s silver hair paint to give myself a nice silver tinge and added purple lipstick to finish the look. My hair was magenta, and very BIG. The lovely Michelle and her big haired hubby Tim graced us with their presence and so did Dani and Allen. I hope to have pix up this week. Regular cameras are such a DRAG!!! If anyone would like to unload a digital camera, please ask for my address. You can send it anytime. ;-)

Today, I finally got off my slacker ass and designed Diary of a Dog. It is 20 paragraphs and I think you’ll like it. If you’d like to contact Eryn, the author, please email me your comments and I’ll forward them.

I hope to have another work by a friend up soon. It is called Words I Sleep With and I hope to have some of the original layout included. It is a collection of poetry by several women in our social circle.

Oh, and about that birthday thing…Well, mine is next week. Yes, November 11 is the day of my birth. I am a Sun sign Scorpio, Sagitarius rising with a Gemini moon. I know: what a mess! I have the intensity of Scorp, the tactlessness of Sag and the chattiness and changeability of a Gemini. All gifts and donations can be sent to me here. :-D

My yoga class was interestingly off track last night. We did energy work rather than yoga. I am not much into touchy-feely stuff, but the work we did was pretty cool. We formed a circle of energy around a volunteer, then we laid our hands on her while channeling energy. All participants felt warm and fabulous after the exercise. It was like doing a ritual for me. I mentioned that to my teacher afterwards and she seemed suprised about it. I don’t know why, since energy work is energy work–even if it’s called magick by some.

Enjoy the week. Om shanti.


The whole hostage episode ended the next day (Monday) at about 2:30pm. I’d just gotten back from the grocery when a VERY loud boom rocked my building. It was a concussion grenade that the SWAT team used to blow out the back door. They also used 10 teargas canisters.

The woman that had been held ran out of the apartment when the perpetrator fell asleep. He immediately shot himself behind the right ear. He did not die immediately, but he never regained consciousness and died a couple of days later. Thankfully.

I got an interesting call the other day, from an old associate that I worked with at SoftKey (aka The Learning Company). It seems that he is managing some small computer stores up in Knoxville and he wants me to manage for him when they open here in Atlanta. The pay is very good for retail ($45k). I’m interested in the income, but selling frankenstein PC boxes is not my idea of joy. I will NOT have to work on them at all (supposedly). I’ll just bet that they will put the first one way out in bumfuck Alpharetta or somewhere else equally as repugnant. And they’ll want me to drive all that way in the lovely Atlanta gridlock as well. Ummm, no thanks. I would be an unbearable bitch if I had to deal with that everyday! (Go ahead. Laugh. I know you will anyway!)

The most fabulous holiday of the year is only a few days away! Samhain (pronounced SOW ahn, like cow on. Eh, it’s Gaelic, don’t ask…), or Halloween, is my very favourite holiday. For Wicca and other nature based religions, Samhain is a festival of the harvest and the traditional slaughter of the animals that will not make it through the winter. Of course, very few of us prepare our own meat, so that part is not practised much any more, but the harvest and ensuing celebration of the generous Earth is practised extensively. If you’d like more info on Wicca or other non-mainstream religions, please visit the ultimate Craft site: Witchvox.

In Mexico, Oct. 31st is the Day of the Dead, a very important religious occasion to revere and hang out with your dead ancestors. Food and drink is taken out to the family plots and everyone spends the night out in the cemeteries. Skulls and skeletons made of sugar are a favourite treat. Don’t ya just love the way Catholicism and the tribal religions blended down there? I think it’s fascinating.

For my little tribe here in Decatur, Halloween is not religious, but just a damn good party! My friend Jody has the Wild Kingdom Halloween Party every year (this is the 4th), complete with a theme and everything. Last year it was Prom Night. This year it is Celebrities. I have no idea who I’m gonna be . I was gonna do latex again this year, but it’s too cold, so I must go thrifting and see what I can scrounge up. Andy is gonna be Einstein. Very appropriate, since he is a neuroscientist and he is way too smart for his own good. I’ll try to post pix…

Well, that’s all for this week. It has been blissfully uneventful other than getting a new furnace today that sounds like a freaking freight train. I’ll prolly get NO sleep tonight due the frightful noise. Even the cats are freaked out by it!

Om shanti.