Dragons and PVC and Sunburn, Oh MY!

What about dragons? Well, that would be Dragon*Con, from June 29 thru July 2. I mentioned the PVC dress in the blog, so you know about that already, but lemme see if I can recall some of the other tales of the Con…

First, I have no pix to scan yet, so be patient. Ok, Thursday night we go down to get our tix and not much is going on yet. Friday, Andy and I go down for some panels during the day and we hang out around the Con Friday night (Nick joins us after work). I bought the PVC dress on Friday. We are standing outside at the pool in the smoking section, when I spy some redneck guys looking at me, so I go over and say hi. They are nice boys from Arkansas who clearly have no reason to be at the Con other than to listen to the wierd music and drink heavily. Steve and Davis were their names. I had on a slinky black outfit Friday night (it’s ALL about the clothes, darling) and while we were smoking I noticed some guys with very nice cat o’ nines strolling around, so I asked one of them for a couple of whacks. He obliged, but it was not satisfying. I scoped out another guy with a cat o’ nine and asked *him* for a couple of whacks. Ummmm, it was stinging goodness. You’ve gotta love an event where asking to be spanked is akin to asking for a light… >:->

Anyway, the second spanky guy had a couple of friends with him and we ended up hanging with these three for much of the Con. They are Tom, Hannah and Sam, from Knoxville, TN. Can you believe it? Well, Sam and Hannah are married, but very pagan and very cool. Hannah is a VERY schweet little 23 year old with curly red locks nice breasts and a very cute butt. I hope to hook up with them next time I go to the ole homestead. Yeah, baybee, yeah!

So, Saturday is the DAY for me, Nick and Andy. Nick had to work, of course, but Andy and I get our happy asses out of bed at 7:30am to get to a 10am panel. I am in high Goth: big hair, maroon lips, PVC dress, proper skulky attitude. We go to panels and Nick finally meets us at about 2pm. I was totally digging the attention lavished upon me due to the dress. My favourite quote about the dress: “Thank God for vinyl!”. TeeHee! I’d had problems with doofus people stepping on the train of the dress, so Andy had begun to walk a bit behind me to keep people off if it, and when Nick arrived, I had TWO footmen walking behind me! Lemme tell ya, all that was missing was leashes for them! THAT would have been perfect!

So, we attended more panels then went to eat @ Hard Rock Cafe. After that, we went to the totally lame “costume contest” at the Con. That’s in quotes cuz it was more like a really bad play with lots of shameless ads than a costume contest. We tired of that rather quickly, so we went back out to smoke and ran into the TN Three again. We then decided that we should go to the Fetish show at The Secret Room over at Deux Plex. So we catch the shuttle bus and ride over to the club. It was properly dark and skulky with lots of poseurs and leather. They had a little bloodletting show that was really not as wicked as it sounds and just kind of silly. Kids getting up on stage with very little on, letting a piercer gouge their foreheads with needles so they can bleed a little is just not that exciting to me, but some people seemed to like it. Well, after all this, it was about 3:30am when we left the Con, making it a 20 hour day for us. Better living through CHEMISTRY is all I have to say about that! :-)

Needless to say, we were wiped out on Sunday but attended some panels anyway. It took me a couple of days to get over all that. Poor Nick was about dead after this little foray into my partying habits. It took him a week to get over it all. He was still resting last weekend…

But me, well, this last weekend *I* was off to Jacksonville Beach to visit Michelle. The drive down there is oh-so-boring but the beach was good for me. Michelle had a cold but soldiered on in fine fashion. The kitties were skittish at first, but my old pal Garfield warmed up quickly and even Quaalude decided that I was not a bad Auntie after all. We think they figured out that 2 loving humans is better than one as far as the attention factor goes. M and I had yummy Mexican at a place that starts with C whose name I simply cannot remember despite being reminded about 6 times. We also found a really good seafood place called Glen’s (or is it Gene’s??) that is fast, cheap and good. We got gobs of food and I had a half carafe of wine for less than $40. After the seafood, we had originally planned to go out, but we were tired from the ocean that afternoon, so we ended up back at home in front of the computers. Heh heh. Big surprise there! We could both log on due to her phat DSL and a dialup connection, so we wreaked havoc on Dalnet #html. It was a blast. We had the webcam on as well, although the boyz here said that it was not refreshing at all…I don’t know if it was or not, but I know that there was some sort of pic up cuz I got a question about my tattoo. We stayed up til 2am smoking and I was drinking wine so it was a party fer sure. I got up Sunday and went to the beach for a couple of hours without sunscreen in order to get just a little singed. I did. It’s cool cuz I have some ‘tan’ lines now. Tan being a relative term, you know. :-)

I had a really good time hanging with you, Michelle! We simply MUST do it again sometime! Thank you!

I think that’s all the hijinx that are fit to print from my wild life. I got rid of Michael’s due to a run in with that harridan Judy but other than that everything’s groovy. Still looking for the ever evasive f/t job, but not with any enthusiasm.

Hey, it’s ALL good!

As the Money Karma Churns

OH, dammit, does the CRAP ever end?

I love being a contractor, but clients trying to fuck me does NOT make me happy. So I get this silly little job from the assholes at the marketing company that I mentioned last time, and when the bitch finally sends my check, she actually SHORTS me for about 1.5 hours! She is too stupid and paranoid to trust that I actually did some of the work at home, so she shorts me for an hour there and then she has the balls to round my times to HALF hours rather than the CLEARLY STATED quarter hours that we agreed upon. Whatta bitch. Well, I should be glad I got paid at all. I didn’t think I was gonna get a dime after the way that bitch treated me. Eh, c’est la vie. I’m $700 richer and they can kiss my ass. Oh, and here is their Soopa Secret website [redacted], only for the eyes of the exclusive client, Barton Beer. Enjoy. Lawyers, feel free to email me with your ceast and desist orders.

This last week, Andy was at a conference, so Nick and I had all week to pod. We have definitely created a monster! Can you say No Sleep? Damn, we did have a good time, though! On Sunday the 18th, we went to the Motörhead concert at the Tabernacle. Yes, I did say Motörhead. Nick is a fan, I am not, but being the sport that I am, I got all slutted up and went. The first band sucked, the second band was okay and the lead singer was very entertaining, but the THIRD band…well, the third band was something altogether different than anything I’ve seen before. They are Nashville Pussy and they ROCK. TVT Records is their label but the site is a popup window hell, so you’ll have to select Nashville Pussy from the menu to get there, sorry, no direct linkie. Did I say that they are different? Let me give you some examples:

1. chicks play guitars in this metal band

2. one chick plays bass, is 6’5″ and blows fire to the ceiling

3. the other chick plays LEAD guitar in a satin bra and PVC pants

The lead guitar chick is HOT. I mean C cup, curvy, big haired HOT. You have not lived until you’ve seen a bodacious girl romping all over the stage humping her guitar in a red satin bra. WHEW! Lawdy, lawdy, somebody bring me some water! OH, and I did end up with the worst tinnitus I’ve ever had (and don’t forget that I used to WORK in rock and roll!). It lasted for 3 days! We forgot the damned earplugs, and the sound was totally screwed, so it was baaaad. I am not impressed with the Tabernacle. We did not even stay for Motörhead, since Nashville Pussy was on until midnite and we had to catch the train home. Atlanta is a lame assed city for transportation – MARTA stops at 12:30.

The large web job that we did the comps for has yet to materialize. The buttpipe will not answer email or phone messages, so I take that as a clear indication that he is a) not paying for the comps and b) he is an asshole for not giving any indication about what is going on. Insert Queen music here: “…and another one bites the dust-uh”.

The IndigoDragon site is being rebuilt. Donna Ladd, the freelance writer has asked me to comment in one of her articles again, so Nick and I are redoing the site in the hopes that some hits will happen when the article is published over at feedmag.com. Oh, and I am now the official owner of indigodragon.com!

Well, it’s been a year now for The Rant. Wow. Guess I need to get this crap organized and archived, eh? I can tell ya it won’t be immediate, but the site will get a facelift in the near future. I really hate the design and want it redone.

I kept the stupid job at Michaels. They pretty much leave me alone and they haven’t made me do the cash register yet, so I’m happy. I feel that it is looming around the corner, though, and that will most definitely NOT be cool.

It is late. There is more to write, but not now. There may actually be more than one Rant this week…heh, heh, heh, yeah, don’t hold yer breath, but I *do* have more to say…

Time Flies

When your whole life is changed!

I can’t even believe that I’ve not written in over a month. So much has happened I don’t even know where to start! I think I’ll pick up from the last entry…

“I’m a blonde now.” Well, that stayed for about a month. I visited the family hoping for them to freak out and demand that I change it back, only to find that they LOVED it. Go figure. After I returned, I put Manic Panic Vampire Red on it. It ended up magenta, which wouldn’t be so bad, had it covered all of it, but only the bleached parts took, so it was half magenta. I put flamey red over it the next day. The upside is that I now know the limits of what my hair can take before it gets damaged. Michelle still has the magenta pix, and I’ll post them when I get them.

“Nick and I may have a shot at a very large, very lucrative web job.” The job has yet to materialize, even after 2 days of doing comps for the buttpipe who was so interested AND said he’d pay for the comp work. At least the freaking design has not ended up on his site. The comps are here for any of you who want to know if I’m any good. I try to make silk purses out of sow’s ears for these people…
In that same vein, I have just done a job for another marketing company whose website was a real retina burner. I put 14.5 hours into this one, at a mere $35 an hour. The guy knows that I’ll not continue to work for that rate, but I want to get my foot in the door. Look at the heinous original and then my less heinous redesign. It’s a crappy site, but it’s $507.50 more than I had 3 days ago! :-)

“I have so much to do that I’m in procrastinate mode.” Still am, a little, but things have settled into a more productive rhythm. Nick and I are still very involved, but we manage to get a little done. This weekend has been extremely productive since I don’t have him to distract me — but I’m missing him badly now. It’s been 3 days and I’m starting to ache a little. Wow, I can’t believe I just wrote that. Even stranger, I can’t believe I even FEEL that. Isn’t love a strange and cunning beast?

A big thing happened last week: Poetry.com sent me a letter informing me that I’ve been selected as a semi-finalist in the poetry competition and asking me for copyright permissions to print the poem. (!) I don’t even know if this is a legitimate big deal or just a marketing ploy, but in any case, I feel validated and rather stunned to get such recognition. My poem Languorous Solitude will be published in a hardcover coffee table book and I’m in the running for the $1000 prize. Nick was here when I opened the letter and it was cool to share that moment with the person who inspired me in the first place. Of course I called Andy, who was in Chicago that weekend, about 10 minutes after I got over the shock. You can find me at the Poetry website just by searching for the title of the poem.

I’ve also begun a p/t job at Michael’s, an artsy-craftsy supply store. The pay is good for retail, but the asswipe manager has made it into a 5 day a week job and I may have to quit tomorrow unless he will stick to our agreement of 3 or 4 days maximum. I really don’t mind the work, and it’s good to have some cash coming in ALL the time, instead of every now and then, but 8-2 M-F is NOT a part time job in my book, especially since he said that 3 days a week would be fine at the interview. I can’t work for $7 an hour at the expense of my web work and support clients that pay me 5 to 11 times that per hour. I guess Nick and I will have to shop quickly to take advantage of my 25% discount before I dump them!

Wow, I just realized that I’ve been keeping this journal for almost a YEAR! I really cannot believe it’s been a year. My stars, where does the time go? I can’t wait to see where we all end up a year from now…

Margaritas and Street Art

Well, just when I think that my life can’t get any weirder…

Friday night, Andy and I went out to eat Mexican and drink margaritas for Cinco de Mayo. 2 kickass margaritas and 2 beers later, we are strolling back to the car in Little 5 Points and I glance across the street, noticing some black guy putting down a bedroll. I thought he was just a vagrant or whatever, when I look at what he’s facing. He is facing a tree with small black and white TVs hanging in it. NO LIE. I immediately say to Andy: HEY, LOOK, an art installation!! So we cross the street and ask the guy what’s up with the art. He chuckles and says that I’m the first person to notice that what he has done is actually ART.

He asks us to sit down, so we do, thus becoming PART of the art, rather than looking AT the art. So, we are sitting in this parking lot, in front of a tree with 5 small B&W TVs hanging in it, with unique static on each one. We *are* the art. COOL.

After a bit he rolls up a blunt and we all get toasted, then we really start to talk some stoned shit about art and where he got his concept for this. He said that he’d dreamed it, but in the dream there were hundreds of tiny TVs about the size of grapefruits all over the tree. Of course that is very cost prohibitive, so he rounded up 5 little B&Ws to see how it would look. We agreed that the unique static on each TV was the coolest part of the concept. Tourists (people who live Outside The Perimeter in Atlanta, but come Inside The Perimeter to see the freaks in Little 5 Points on the weekends) were passing by and looking at us and the TVs with trepidation and fear. It was truly a surreal experience.

Of course, after the blunt we were waaaay past trippin’ so we stumbled to the car and headed home. Naturally, we stopped at our neighborhood bar, Trackside Tavern, where all CRUNK Decaturites end up late at night and had a couple of Cider Jacks to make sure we were indeed fucked up before we went home. It worked! :-)

Cuisinarting as an Art Form

Remember my comment about the verb Cuisinarting? Well, it is a new verb that refers to what happens to your life when *everything* changes at once.

Like the new love in my life. Wow! That has really rocked my world. Along with the creativity and the amazing energy, there is the element of change that must be dealt with. My SO has had to undergo a major shift in his life due to my changes. It’s not that I love him any less, it’s that I’ve met my spiritual partner and now everything is different.

I’m a blonde now. Heh, for REAL! I did it for the Studio 54 party on April 15 (yes, there are pix trapped in the analog camera that must be developed) and decided to keep it until the roots get too annoying (that pic is from the arcade party at Richard’s last weekend). I want to do purple and blue, but the next item will explain why I can’t do that right this minute.

Next item: Nick and I may have a shot at a very large, very lucrative web job. Purple hair would NOT do for bidding on a ‘real’ job.

“…but I doubt she’ll bother to pick up the friendship again.” I’m such an asshole sometimes. We’ve gotten past the brief bit of sniping and all’s well. I really don’t have any idea what all that was about. (?)

The Studio 54 party was not really that great. We had X, but unfortunately it was crap and we spent hours waiting for nothing, then skipped to the sleepy afterglow without ever getting off. Bummer. I do have pix, though, and I’ll assemble them soon. No, really, I will.

I have so much to do that I’m in procrastinate mode. I HATE that! I’ve been so goddam distracted by all my personal changes that I’ve gotten precious little done with anything else in my life. My freebie/trade work has been neglected and I MUST get crackin’ on that! Centerforholistichealth.com needs a complete overhaul, THIS site needs new design work that I actually like, and AMUG is neverending. And Adele is about ready to get her site up. ACK! And this is all FREE or TRADE, mind you.

Speaking of Adele, I had a regression session (heh, nice rap there) with her last Wednesday. What a trip! I found out that I use self hypnosis all the time – it’s just like plain old hypnosis, but without a guide! We asked about my inability to make or have money. As it turns out, I have separation anxiety from when I was originally chosen to be incarnate. It causes me great sadness and loss EVEN NOW. These feelings have filtered down into my conscious being as a lack of abundance. My Inner Warrior (usually referred to as the Inner Child) is all about guarding me from what *she* sees as unfairness, but in actuality, it is her that keeps the separation anxiety alive and makes everything hard for me. At least I have a clue about what the hell is going on! I also asked about the connection to my spiritual partner and it seems that our connection is very old indeed. It felt primeval in its intensity. The truly trippy thing about this connection is that he felt a sudden rush of energy at the same moment that I was feeling it in session. Weird.

So, I now feel very qualified in my assertion that I have raised Cuisinarting to an art form.