2022 Reading List

Welcome to the 2022 Reading List! I read 35 books last year! I hope to beat that this year. :)

These are the books brought over from the stacks of last year:
Almighty, D Zak. I have begun this one. It is horribly dry despite its trying to be historical FICTION. It’s more like just historical. It is about the Manhattan Project and a recent attempt to sabotage one of the labs in Oak Ridge TN in 2012.

Jasmine, Bharati Mukherjee.
The Queen’s Lover, Vanora Bennett.
The Distance Between Us, Reyna Grande.
The Good Demon, Jimmy Cajoleas.
The Bridesmaid, Beverly Lewis.

Added from xmess and from the purge of the library:
Pleasure Thresholds, Patricia Tallman. This is a memoir of her career and Babylon 5 days. Could use some better editing, but it’s conversational and pretty gossipy, which I love. A fun read!

Alternative War, an essay collection with one of Jim Wright’s essays.
Always Looking Up, Michael J Fox. I have had this for ages and it got shelved before I read it.
Dances With Wolves, Michael Blake. Yup, what the movie is based on.
Billy Sommers, S King. The new novel, just out.
Strange Weather, J Hill. Novella collection!

Books I will acquire, they are from Obama’s reading list:
Land of Big Numbers, Te-Ping Chen
Empire of Pain, Patrick Radden Keefe
Things We Lost to the Water, Eric Nguyen
Intimacies, Katie Kitamura

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