Welcome to 2020 Too

Ugh. This year has started out ROUGH, my bitches. I am not pleased. I am foul.

We’ve got some fun things booked for this coming year – assuming the fucking plague eases off.

I’m of the opinion that EVERYONE will get the Omicron variant of C-19. It’s hella transmissible. The good news is that it is much milder than the original version(s). At this point, if you’re vaxxed, I think you’ll be OK, even if you get it. I think that this is the one that will actually give “herd immunity” for what that is worth. Or not. WHATEVER.

I’m tired of thinking about it. I’m tired of dealing with it. I’m just fucking TIRED.

I’ll be starting up the 2022 Reading List shortly. That is one thing that this fucking plague will NOT take from me: READING.

As for 2020 Too, it can SUCK A COCK. Here’s what’s gone wrong in less than a fucking week:
– insomnia is back (hopefully the Delta 8 gummies will help)
– GERD has kicked it up a notch
– Dept of Labor is trying to rescind my unemployment for catering
– a game rental client turned out to be a HUGE DICK; had to cut him loose (not bad overall, just stressful)
– FB has decided to fuck with me and DEMAND that I verify myself, but it will not send me a code. If I don’t comply within 2 wks, it will block me from my administrator duties on pages I manage. AWESOME. It also deleted my admin privileges from the secondary account. Of course, there is ZERO support offered. FUCKERS. I HATE FB. [Good news on this front: a friend told me to set up a Google Voice # and use that for FB, so I did and now the account is fine. But having to go through all that is some bullshit. -A]

And we’ve not even hit day 7. FML

Hope it’s going better for the rest of you. >:(