Alternatives to FB

Someone posted about an alternative network to FB today and it sent me down the rabbit hole to explore what’s out there. I’m aware of several networks that have been created in the last few years, but none can seem to scratch FB’s dominance. In an effort to encourage others to leave FB – even if I can’t due to adminning umpteen pages – here is the comment I made to the Parler person with lots of links and info.

A while back, some folks were going to WT Social. It’s by the Wikipedia guy. And some others went to MeWe. Yet another is Ello. I don’t really endorse any of these, they are all MEH. However, I’ll go to any network (that is not right wing) where my friends go.

So where y’all wanna go? WT Social ELLO is MY vote! (changed my mind after looking them over)

Mastodon and the other decentralized platforms are a PITA to use and I don’t like them. I’ve got a Mastodon account, but it’s just too much work to use. I deleted the phone app and haven’t been over there in ages.

Yes, I’ve got accounts on all these platforms, fwiw. Perhaps I shall go forth and see if my accounts are still working… I like to jump on all new things to get my preferred handle! If you don’t know it, I guess you don’t know me that well, eh? LOL

Here is a very extensive article on the various FB alternatives; BTW, this site has SHITTY info for sites, hosts and domain registrars. I DO NOT ENDORSE this site in the slightest. I can confirm that the social network list is accurate, however.

And FINALLY: I have confirmed that Parler is a right wing/T**** network. I would not use it nor do I endorse it. I’ve also seen that MeWe has been the network of choice for MAGAts who are trying to organize their stop the election shit. So I’ll probably delete that account here shortly. I want NOTHING to do with any network that is a nest of ignorant T**** followers.