Beef Doenjang Soup

Another in my series of doenjang soups. They are all similar in method, but vary in the veg and pastes I use. Today’s soup is made with spicy radish, which is delicious! One thing you’ll notice about my cooking is that I rarely observe regions. This soup has various Asian ingredients. Sometimes I use Korean radish (the big oblong white ones), sometimes I add bean sprouts, sometimes I add black sesame seeds, sometimes I add pickled radish or pickled mushroom stems. There are many Korean and Japanese soup bases. I have two Korean ones I like and I like Memmi by Kikkoman. I encourage you to find an Asian market and stock up on these things. They add a lot of depth to soups!

Beef Doenjang Soup

Beef Doenjang Soup
a little olive oil to cook garlic (OR shallot oil or garlic oil, or all three if you have them)
3 cloves garlic, minced
4 oz cremini mushrooms, sliced (about 1 cup)
5 red radishes, cut in half then sliced
4 scallions, cut on bias, white and green parts (reserve some green for garnish)
2 tsp seasoned Korean miso paste (green tub)
1 tsp regular Korean miso paste (brown tub)
1 tsp Korean gochujang (pepper paste, red tub)
1 tsp ginger paste (Chinese or Indian)
zest of one lime (optional, but I like the pop of fresh, also nice to garnish with a lime wedge)
2 Tbl mirin
1/4 cup soup base (I use Korean, see pic)
1 tsp fish sauce
1 pack Chinese salted spicy pickled radish, rinsed and drained (see pic, they are NOT spicy at all)
6-8 oz thinly sliced sirloin, cut into strips of about 1″ x 2″
about a quart of beef stock
a little sesame oil for dressing the soup

Put oil or oils in a 2 quart saucepan over med heat. Add garlic, shrooms, radishes and scallions, stir. Add in the pastes and stir until they melt. Add mirin, soup base and fish sauce and let all this cook for 3-4 minutes, turn down heat if things start to brown. Add steak and thoroughly coat in the thick pastes. Put in about a quart of beef stock and the radishes, then turn up the heat to Hi and stir. Bring just to boil then kill heat. Let sit about 5 minutes before serving. Check for flavours and add more base or whatever it needs. Put a few turns of sesame oil on the top of the soup before you ladle out to serve. Garnish with scallions in the bowl and a lime wedge.

Chinese pickled radishes and Korean soup base:

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