Bariatric Vitamin Regimen

Along with protein, the next most important thing for a gastric sleeve patient is vitamins. This also applies to RNY patients – even more than sleeve because bypass pretty much eliminates absorption of all nutrients for the rest of the patient’s life. My posts are guides for sleeve in particular, but I’m sure RNY patients will find them helpful as well.

Bariatric Vitamins
Bariatric Vitamins

The only vitamin that requires lifetime supplementation for a gastric sleeve patient is vitamin B12. Why? Because this vitamin requires a protein made in the stomach called Intrinsic Factor. The vitamin binds to this protein in order to be absorbed in the small intestine. Less stomach = less intrinsic factor to bind with B12.

I take a handful of supplements every day – as listed in this post. I’m a firm believer in taking vitamins and herbal supplements because I can tell a difference when I don’t. I’ve found suitable replacements for all the capsules except turmeric and selenium. I take turmeric for inflammation and selenium for hot flashes. I don’t expect to take any of these for the first couple of weeks, but I’m going to try to take one as soon as I feel that I can. There is much discussion about when you can take pills or capsules after surgery, so I’m going to play it by ear. You have to take omeprazole immediately, so that would indicate that you can take pills/caps. I’ll just have to see.

But for ease, I have gotten everything else in a chewable form. Here is the list:

Multivitamin Gummy Kirkland (Costco had a better price than vitacost) 2 gummies has 833% of daily B12
Vitacost Quickdots B12 sublingual melts 1000mcg per one tab (Vit B12 is water soluble, you cannot OD, so take a LOT)
Kirkland Signature Calcium Chews, SF Chocolate; 500mg Calcium/200IU Vit D, I take TWO to give me 100% calcium and 400IU of Vit D. I was taking Nature’s Plus Chewable Cal/Mag/D3 (600/300/500iu per 2 tabs; about 85% of daily) but I like the chews better.
VegLife Vegan chewable Iron 18gm iron per tab. This is a child’s supplement and is extra gentle. I do not take iron because I’m never anemic and it hurts my stomach, however, I thought it would be prudent to add this to my regimen while I can’t eat much meat. I’ve tried it out and it seems to be OK on my whole stomach. We’ll see how it is in a partial stomach.

As for my insomnia supplements, I think I’ll get some Deep Sleep tincture and valerian tincture. Since I’ve no idea when I’ll be able to take multiple pills or caps, I want to have *something* available if I need it.