Heroes Con FTW!

Ok, let me tell all the comic nerds (readers, writers, artists, whatever): GO TO HEROES CON NEXT YEAR. If it’s the only con you attend, GO. We had the most amazing time. It was so great that I am still a bit agog trying to process it all. The organisers are awesome, the attendees are awesome, everyone there was truly off the hook with the nice and helpful. VERY SUPPORTIVE!

– We were INTERVIEWED!! Comic Related does podcasts to spotlight up and coming artists and offers a wonderful support system for artists like us who are trying to get a leg up. [Comic Related was retired, sadly. -A 2017]

– We met so many wonderful people it’s all a blur! First, a shout out to two lovely ladies that made us feel welcome as soon as we walked into the dealers room: Karalyn and Krystalanna! Great to meet you both! Can’t wait until next year!

– Super duper extra special shout out to Comic Related. You guys made us feel so at ease and welcomed. We are still on cloud nine from the interview and we THANK YOU so much for the opportunity. You totally RAWK!! :-)

I can’t say enough about this convention. The support and camaraderie there really makes you believe that you can do it (whatever “it” is). We are bursting at the seams with positive feedback and the feeling that there really are people out there who want to help us get known.

I’m just rambling now, so I’ll stop here, but you’ll hear more about this con as I process all the input we got this weekend. We will be at a table next year. And we cannot WAIT. :-)