Idle minds…

So, I was in the shower exfoliating my face and legs when I thought “exfoliate” would be a GREAT Dalek word. Then I got an image of a Dalek at a salon with scrub and a pouf saying “EXFOLIATE!”

Then this happened.


For someone with zero drawing skills, I thought I did an OK job! LOL You’ll never exfoliate again without thinking this, I promise you! :D

Heroes Con and Vacay

Heroes Con was excellent this year! They expanded the size and changed the dynamic a bit, but it worked for us. Many of the artists that were there were not having good sales – we think because of the faster flow of people. That, and the floor being twice as big was a bit disorienting for many attendees. I dunno, I think it’s just growing pains and everything will get back to normal next year.

Our con roomies, the Burnses were awesome as always (Harley and Sinestro in the pic below). We got to hang out a bit more this year than last and I got to ogle Miracole’s new Fusion! It’s a very very nice car!

We shared our table with the Coffee Bruin and his posse. I got to see Suzann and Dave a couple of times for a change! Yay!! The art auction had REAL auctioneers this year and it was a riot! I’ve never been to a real auction before and it is SO exciting! Good thing I didn’t have a bidding number or I’d own all the things! Ha! All in all, we had a great time and did well at this con. We <3 Heroes Con. Best comic con on the East Coast in my opinion.
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Heroes Con, here we come!

So it appears that our grand plans to gtfo of GA have been squelched by the shitty economy and lack of jobs. FINE.

We WILL NOT be denied!! ::shakes fist at Universe::

I’ve had to pull out every bit of patience in my being to deal with this. It’s immensely frustrating, yet I’m awash in CALM. WTF is that about? I’m afraid it’s my soul dying and giving up, to be honest. Either that or I’m becoming a Zen motherfucker in my old age. That has yet to be determined.

While the people in Phoenix are pretty cool, there is also an undercurrent of ageism that’s a little unnerving. I hope it’s just this one group we’ve run across (Ad2PHX, I’m looking at YOU) but it’s hard to tell. In any case, there ain’t SHIT in Nick’s fields of expertise (PrePress Manager and/or Macintosh Systems/Network Admin).

So here we sit.

It sucks to be stuck, but on the other hand, it’s not like we’re homeless. Nick’s got a good job (albeit boring as fuck) and I’ve picked up bookkeeping again. I’m trying really hard to think of this time as training time. I’m bugging everyone I know in the restaurant biz to let me come and cut veg in their kitchens. I really need some kitchen training. I want to make this stuck time count for something, dammit. At least I can learn more about running a restaurant and all that.

It was interesting when I was talking to Rob about it, he told me that I already know how to be a kitchen manager. I was surprised by that, but as it turns out, a KM is the numbers person, which I am. Who knew? THIS is why I need training! I need to know this shit!

To assuage our depression at being stuck in ATL for the immediate future, we have decided to go to Heroes Con. No table, of course, but just as attendees. I’m sure it’ll be a grand time and we certainly NEED it. We are heading to Wilmington NC afterwards to ogle the battleship and lay drunk on Wrightsville Beach. DAMN RIGHT.

Money be damned, that’s the plan. :)

Heroes Con 2012

Wow! Just wow! This con rocked my FACE OFF. Seriously. We had some tough times, but overall, I’m pleased and inspired!

The trip up was uneventful. We got up there and loaded in by 5pm. We ate at the Hilton and got to bed at a reasonable hour. Friday was BUSY! Heroes had to have had more attendance this year. Friday was like Saturday last year. Everything went well and we had dinner out with Chris and Miracole – which was AWESOME. We never get to hang out due to their crazy schedules, so it was great to actually sit down and converse. Again, we went to bed at a reasonable time since we knew Sat would be balls to the wall.

And it was balls to the wall! I’m sure Stan Lee’s appearances on Sat and Sun are the reason for the uptick in attendance but whatever, we welcomed it! All was well until mid afternoon when Nick had a snack then started to get sick. He ended up with food poisoning and went to bed right after the show closed. I, on the other hand, got dressed and went out to the Westin to see the art auction and have some fun. Nick insisted, so I drank enough for both of us! I got into the tequila and didn’t eat a bite. By some miracle, I felt good on Sunday, too. Weird. Big THANK YOU to the Burnses for their superior herding capabilities and getting me back to the hotel safely. I love you guys!!!

Nick stayed in bed on Sunday and I manned the table. It was still pretty busy for a Sunday. I was tired but not hungover. It is a MIRACLE, I tell you! AMEN! He finally came to the show around 3pm and got to say goodbye to most of our peeps. I cried like a silly girl most of the afternoon when everyone was saying goodbye and wishing us well in PHX. We REALLY appreciate it, you guys. oxoxoxo

Shout outs:
Chris and Miracole: bestest roomies and cat herders!
Little John and Patwicia: our ATL friends we only see at Heroes!
Damian and his chica: our lovely CLT fans – we love you!
Denis (et al): had a great time! Can’t wait to see you in July!
Danielle, Beck and the Womanthology crowd: bestest table mates EVAR!
Jesse and Amber: really loved hanging out with you! Look forward to doing it again!
Nak and Allen: nice to meet you, fellow Atlantans! Hope to see you soon!
Mike: we are in similar situations. I hope we ALL find our sweet spots soon!
Mike Maihack: good to see you and chat!
Jeffrey Brown: you make me very happy with your cat books!
John and Kim (and Kelsey): sorry I forgot your beer! I owe you one! ;)
Suzanne and David: so, so great to get to actually have a conversation. I have a huge crush on you, Suzanne. <3 ::sigh::

And to everyone I gave a driveby fondling to at the Westin: Heeeeey! MUWAH!

Last but not least: my wonderful Weasel Boi. I’m sorry you got sick, baby. I love you!

Heroes has been my tipping point. I can clearly see our potential and the importance of doing cons regularly. Our friends/fans who told us they’d miss us really drove home how important it is to get out there and MEET PEOPLE.

You may not be the greatest artist on the planet, but if you’re nice to people, give them your best and let them know how much you appreciate them, you’ll be successful.

If there is any way in the world to make Heroes happen for us next year, I’ll find it. It’s our first big con and it’s our best con. We want to keep that momentum going. Thanks, Heroes Con! We love you!

Nook Color review

Edit: I did indeed get an iPad2 for xmas and I’m in LOOOOOVE. Pricey, but it does everything I want in one device. -A

Since we could not afford a pricey yet delicious iPad, we split the difference and Nick got a new iPod and I got a used Nook Colour. Nick DEFINITELY got the better end of that deal!

I was thrilled to get the Nook off eBay for $177 after shipping since it had a skin, leather cover and a 32Gb SD card. All that swag was over $200 retail and they issued a swanky OS update to bring the Colour to ‘almost’ a Nook Tablet. I was happy until I actually tried to use the damn thing…

OMG. Who the hell is designing that OS? Probably the same morons who design As soon as I went to check out the site I recalled why I’d shopped with them ONCE and then run back to Amazon. The website is ATROCIOUS. The search engine is so weak that it can’t find WIRED. That’s right, WIRED or even WIRED MAGAZINE will get you a looooong list of everything they have with WIRE in the title and the magazine down in the mix. They’d be better off just linking to Google for their search engine.

I remembered the horrible search engine and sighed and went about setting up the Nook and trying out Seesmic so I could crosspost to Twittah. What a mistake. The experience with this app was what made me all ragey on Twittah that day. Continue reading “Nook Color review”