Happy Friday off!

Many have the day off for Good Friday, which makes this a VERY happy Friday for them! W00t!

I’m set to go to lunch with Stormy then we’re going to the Paul Mitchell school over off of Howell Mill to get our hares cut. I’m going back to a pixie, I think, unless the hair burner has a better idea. Of course there’s 90% chance of thunderstorms at precisely the time we’ll be out. Natch. :-/ Good thing Stormy’s driving. I could NOT tolerate Friday traffic on the wrong side of I-75 in pouring rain. Hopefully the holiday will ease traffic.

Then, still with a 90% chance of thunderstorms, we have to go to Quinn’s birthday party over at The Atlanta Fish Market on Pharr Rd. I can tell you one thing: we won’t be out late. It’s gonna be a long day and with that, I must get it started.

Oh, one more thing: I’m trying out TweetDeck today. So far I give it a 7 out of 10. But its popping up when there’s a tweet is very annoying. And it’s too big. The functionality seems pretty good. Ah, just realised: it only pops to the front when you have it hidden. If you use the yellow ‘put in dock’ button, it does not pop (odd). I also don’t like that the notifications don’t TELL you anything. Twhirl gave you the actual tweet, so you could skim it and keep doing what you’re doing, but did not update FB. ::shrug:: We’ll see who wins the Find the Best Twitter Client game. :-)