Back to business

Not that we ever stop working, really, but now that all the xmas crap is down, it’s back to normal life. And not a moment too soon, IMO!

I’m really happy with the new hard drives. Now I realise just how slow the read head was on the old one. It would take up to 30 seconds to launch an application, whereas now it’s under 5 seconds. As it should be on a Mac with dual 1.8Ghz processors and 1.5Gb RAM! It’s the old frog in water thing – you don’t realise the temp is going up because it’s gradual. That hard drive was really dying, but since I use it every day, I didn’t notice. I again thank my Weasel for burning that DVD and catching the errors before I lost all my shit. Thanks, honey!

In other news… We’re on our diet for reals now. We must reform our wine- and beer-sodden ways. We will be curtailing our social events to help us get control of our alcohol consumption. I’ve always been a lush, but I’ve made Nick one, too, so a hard shut down is really necessary. As much as it pains me. :-( I’m sure my liver will appreciate the respite. HA!

We’ve got Phoenix Comic Con Jan 22-26 then I’ll be driving back, so I won’t return until Feb 1 or 2. We’re excited to try out this con! Also, we’re booked for Heroes Con in Charlotte NC in June and we’ve decided to attend APE rather than Comic Con this year. We loved Comic Con, but APE is in San Francisco where we have friends who might put us up and it’s a smaller con, which is appropriate for new artists like us. Comic Con, while amazing and fun, really isn’t worth the money for us as a business. It’s too big for startups. We saw a small bump in hits after the Con last year, but definitely not enough to justify spending another $2500. So, it’s APE for us!  As it is, I’ve no idea what to do about my cats. I *do* plan to PAY for whatever house sitting I arrange.

I guess that’s where we are for now. In the spirit of Reducing Our Fat Asses 09, I must go put my fat ass on the Rack (treadmill). My goal for now is 1 mile a day. Modest, yes, and very doable. In one month it will be 2 miles. Then it’ll be increasing speed to do whatever I can in an hour. Wish me luck!

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