Some People are SO Predictable

Or: Another one for the No Good Deed Goes Unpunished file.

So I call the owner/creator of Sonz today about my back issues, just to see what he’d say. I was gunning for a refund of my last 5 sessions ($150), but I knew he wouldn’t do it. It’s in the contract. The conversation was almost to the letter as I thought it’d be. It went like this:

I tell him that I’ve never had back problems before but now I have 3 compressed disks due to the program that they promote. The very first thing he says is, “Well, you’re overweight, of course you’re going to have back problems!” I say, “Yes I’m overweight, which is one of the reasons why I paid you $800 for a personal trainer at your facility. So, you’re saying if someone is too fat, they really shouldn’t come to Sonz, right?” To which he goes into a long marketing diatribe about why his method (the Sonz method) is precisely what I needed and it’s not the method’s fault that my back is out. It’s my being overweight that caused this and I should get back to the gym as soon as possible. I said, “Are you serious? I WILL NOT go back to those exercises with an injured back! You are out of your mind to suggest such a thing!” Then he says, no, he’s right and his method is proven and I should not quit “because of a little pain”.

Fucking jerk. So I then ask, “So, if my being overweight precludes doing your workouts without injury, then why should I do your workouts?” And THEN he says that I should lose weight first, before doing the workouts (the opposite of what he said before). I said that perhaps they shouldn’t take money from overweight people, then, since working out like they want can cause injury if you’re overweight. Then he goes back into marketing mode and proceeds to lecture me about how his workout method is the perfect workout method and it’s my fault for being overweight.

Hmm, anyone else see the circular argument there, or is it just me?

So, let me get this straight:
1. I’m too fat
2. the Sonz workout is perfect as long as your not too out of shape or too fat
3. I go to Sonz to try to regain my strength and begin losing weight
4. but the Sonz workout was too much for my fat ass, which is not their fault, it’s mine for going to Sonz while not in shape and too fat…

Yep, that’s the whole conversation in a nutshell.

My question remains:

Why the bloody hell do they take money from fat/out of shape people if their system probably won’t work for you or at least injure you if you’re too fat/out of shape?

The owner seems to think that he knows more than my doctors and CERTAINLY more than a fat girl. He wants me to send him what I eat for 5 days so he can “help me get control of my weight”. Uh-huh. Like I don’t know that eating less and exercising more works 100% of the time. Like I don’t know that eating chicken tenders and veggies 3x a day will make you lose weight. I know that. As I pointed out, I’m not a moron. A hedonist, not a moron. :-)

I paid $800 for a PERSONAL TRAINER. I expect that person to guide me and listen when I express concerns. The trainer I had was fine, but she didn’t change up the workouts to allow for my fat/out of shape ass. Therefore, I’m now gonna have disk issues for the rest of my life.

Thanks Sonz.

My advice: do NOT get a trainer if you’re fat/out of shape. First lose 30#, THEN get a trainer. These places have no concept of responsibility and certainly no regrets about fucking you up. I’m very sorry I spent that $800. I should have stayed my fat ass at home and just cut my calories and upped the cardio and weights myself. Live and learn, right?

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  1. those stupid fucks. I don’t give a shit if I’m fat… More cushion for the pushin’. I like my fat ass: it makes it harder for my husband to stick his dick in my asshole, which he thoroughly enjoys! :-)
    I wonder if a doctor says that you injured yourself BECAUSE of the exercises, you may have a lawsuit… hmmmm. just a thought.
    Throw some burning poo in a paperbag at their door and run!

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