One of those days

When it’s just not worth chewing through the damn straps.

Sometimes I feel crappy and need support, too, you know.

I try really hard to do things for my friends and to help as best as I can, but sometimes it feels very one sided. I have a lot of support and I appreciate those of you who give it. I *really* appreciate it.

As for the rest of you who never call, never check in, never have a thing to say unless it’s to GET some support…

Well, I have noticed.

There’s some changing of the heirarchy around here. Those who give as well as receive are definitely moving up on my list. Those who don’t are moving down. I’m spread pretty thin as it is with my own shit. I’ve got no energy for half assed, squirrelly or unreliable people right this sec. If you can’t be bothered to call back, then don’t be surprised to get the same in return. Simple.

Never mind me, just a little stream of consciousness notation.

Carry on.