Moving to a new server, y’all…

Gods willing and the creek don’t rise…

See ya on the flip side!

Yule wrapup

So, we have our grand old time Friday night with D and A! FUN! We ran around and futzed on Saturday then opened most of our gifts to each other Sat night. I got LOTS of music! Thanks to everyone! I also have to give a special thanks to D for the really unique blown glass vase she found for me. It’s the coolest thing EVAH!

The trip to Knoxvegas was mostly uneventful. We did the family thang on Christmas Eve then Nick and I drank champagne and got busy on June’s new couch in the front room. Ha!

Unfortunately, at around 3 or 4am I was awakened by horrible cramps + nausea indicating the 2.5 week return of that bitch Aunt Flo. Godsdammit! This was the evil ovary, so the cramping was extremely intense. I didn’t sleep any more after that and pretty much the whole of Christmas day was lost to the cramps. FUCK THIS. I am SO getting a hysterectomy. I don’t give a shit how much it costs! The divorce is going to happen, folks, it’s a done deal. I’m just really sorry that Nick went through his vasectomy for ME only to have this happen a year later. Had I known that my body would go to shit when I went off the pill, I’d have arranged for a hysterectomy in the first place and left poor Nick alone. He’s such a good man to do that for me. I despise my uterus and I’m *thisclose* to performing a field hysterectomy with a ShopVac. This whole situation is just plain old FRELLED and I’m very frustrated. My Chinese doc insists that a hysterectomy is ‘too much’ and all this can be handled with acupuncture, but I don’t think so. I can’t put up with this shit for 6 more months while I get stabbed every two weeks on top of the neverending period. Oh, NO.

Ah, but I digress. Yesterday was grand. We drove all day, but it was worth it. We stopped by and chatted with Jean while dropping off the presents for the kids. Then we hightailed it up to Tazwell TN (NO, I don’t know why it’s spelled TazEwell on the maps.) to pick poor Rhonda who’d been trapped up there with her family since Saturday. I’ll give you one phrase to sum up that place: there was a piece of squirrel meat (we *think*) hanging on the front porch by the door apparently drying or ageing or something. Nevermind that it was raining…

Yah. So we scooped up our girl and then headed to the Airport which is on the other side of Knoxville in Alcoa (near Maryville on the map). We checked her bag then went across the street for food and drinks at Applebees. The margaritas were tasty and their new FRIED PICKLES were sooooo yummy! After a couple of hours we had to take Rhonda back to the airport to catch her flight, which sucked. I really wish we lived closer together. I love that girl!!

Then we came BACK up to Knoxville to sober up and pack our bags then head out for home. We got here around 11pm, which made it about 10 hours on the road. After sharing stories with Ben it was around 1am and we all took tamazepam and crashed. I awoke this morning to the phone ringing and realised that the mountain of work waiting for us has begun its avalanche and we’re off to the races.

Which means I need to get the hell off here and go to Decatur to pick up the payroll.

::sigh:: It’s gonna be a short and VERY busy week.

Is this frelling year OVER YET?

Just DAMN. I get a call from Nick this morning telling me he’d been in yet another wreck on 285. This is the second one this year. Each time he has been rear ended by some asshole who a) was tailgating and chatting on the phone, b) was uninsured and c) was black. Draw whatever conclusions you wish from those facts. Anyway, in each case his truck has suffered zero damage. Thank the gods of traffic that we got that gas guzzling 6 cylinder 4WD Ranger!! We never wanted that sort of truck, but we got a racehorse deal and it’s saved us from going through 2 cars this year alone.

This time, the chick who hit him was driving a rental car that was borrowed from her cousin who, of course, didn’t pay the $5 extra to insure it. Nick didn’t call the cops since this dumbass would have been taken straight to jail for driving a car NOT rented by her and having no insurance. He figured, what the hell, the truck was fine and she was in enough shit as it was. Merry fucking Christmas.

As much as I hate the fact that the truck sucks gas, if we’d had passenger cars on the road every day this year, we’d be going through them like water. Hell, we almost lost my car as it is, wouldn’t it be GREAT to lose mine plus two others? It’s time to fucking move. This town is just crap and getting worse.

In other news, Nick’s company didn’t pay them on time this week with NO notice or explanation, which means I get a notice from BoA that “they ain’t no money in your accounts, YO”. Nice. And since I cleaned out my account yesterday to pay off the frelling JCP card that Nick neglected to pay for 2, yes TWO months I’ve got no money in the biz acct. The big fat check that a client owes me is conveniently lost in the goddam mail and we’ve pilfered savings for something else, so the upshot is a transfer from one of the credit cards. That is SO fucked up. I can’t remember when the last time I’ve had to use such “creative” financing.

This year has sucked big hairy donkey balls and I just wish it was OVER. I’m stressed out from all the new client activity. I just found out that the online magazine I update was moved abruptly to a new host and I’ve no idea what is going on. Money is frelled. My goddam PO box is useless. Ah, yes, what a wonderful morning.

GRR. If you don’t need to talk to me today, it’s best that you don’t. I’m currently a bit “touchy”. MEROW! CK CK CK! FFFFFT!

New Wiki for websites!

Check it: is a new wiki site that uses the WhoIs database to index websites then allow users to modify the listings. I came across it when I saw a link in my list down there on the left.

I think it’s cool! As a wiki, anyone can modify the contents of the listing, which makes it dynamic.

I updated all my sites’ info and created a user account. It must be really new since I’m user 8144!

Anyway, it’s interesting and if you have a site, I recommend going over there and getting indexed/updated.

Missy In Repose

Every day that’s sunny, Missy will sit on her mat in the kitchen charging her batteries. (What? You didn’t know kitties are solar powered??)

Solar powered Cow Cat!
Solar powered Cow Cat!

Missy just sits there with her eyes half closed until the sun moves away from her mat.

It’s the most wonderfully soothing thing to watch her, completely happy, completely relaxed, just simply BEING.

Ah, a lesson we could ALL brush up on, right?