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At Least the Drama Is New

What’s a family visit without drama? All was well up until the end, but it’s inevitable that something will trigger DRAMA with them. They make me as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof.

Saturday was OK, we slept in since we’d been out past our bedtime with Chrissy and I had […]

Family. Nothing good comes of it.

10 years later, and sadly, this still holds. My father died in 2017, but the rest of them are still just as fucked up. Aside from a brief visit for dad’s death, I’ve not been up there. No regrets. -A, Jan 2019

So today I decide to suck it up and call my brother to […]

Family update

I got a call from my brother today. My Gran is in hospital. It’s not a surprise, she’s been going downhill at a steady rate for the last couple of years. She refuses to take any medications, refuses to eat and basically sleeps 20 hours a day. My uncle found her incapacitated and took her […]