Con Season!

We made it through FWA (Furry Weekend Atlanta) and we’ve got MomoCon next week. I hope we both get over this head cold completely this week.

FWA was SO much fun! It is a very queer friendly con, with tons of representation across the board for all LGBTQIA+ folx. We weren’t expecting that! You do NOT need to be a furry with a suit or any of that to have a great time at this con. They are so nice and so accepting of EVERYONE! I squeed all weekend! The nose boops, pets and scritches given to various fursonas was amazingly fun. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this convention!

Having a room to escape to also made a HUGE difference for us. Despite Marriott’s bullshit (WOW they really need to get their shit together!! They truly SUCKED.), the room was helpful AF. I wouldn’t be happy if I paid for it, but I didn’t, so whatever.

I look forward to Momo as well, it’s always fun to do that con, despite the very long hours and no room to escape to.

Once Momo is over, then we’ll switch gears to house stuff until Southern Fried Gaming Expo in July, where we hope to sell off a ton of games parts as well as vintage Mac stuff. The Vintage Mac yardsale is now in conjunction with SFGE, so it’s two birds w/ one stone. The overall goal is to be rid of the storage space this summer. That will save us $125/mo.

We hope to see everyone at Momo and/or SFGE!