Inspiration comes from many places…

and this post is inspired by Wil Wheaton’s book Still Just A Geek, which I just started.

This book is a annotated and updated version of his first book Just A Geek, written in the early aughts – about 20 years ago.

He has three intros to this book: the original, one by Neil Gaiman (for the original) and one for this version of the book. In the third one, he goes on quite extensively about what I different person he is now and how his original words (from his blog and the book) are NOT representative of him now, and he’s horrified and embarrassed by them now.

Well, I want to make a post about this blog and its longevity, and how I, too, have grown as a person and don’t think like I did in 1999. I do not feel the need to vomit apologies and regret (sorry, Wil), but I will say that if you deep dive into this blog, you’ll probably come across some questionable content of various stripes. I’m OK with that.

I will say this: 1999 was a long time ago. I was prone to calling out bullshit here, regardless of who it might involve. I also wrote about many opinions I had at the time that I no longer have. It was a badge of honour to be called out on my blog! LOL

ALSO: I will not apologize for holding various people and/or companies accountable for their actions. There’s a difference between blaming and holding accountable. For instance, that major asshole Realtor™ who fucked us over on the pub lease. That guy refused to look at the lease AT ALL, did not come to the closing and whined about how mean we were to him afterwards. That guy is a fucking rich (working for father in law’s company) fucking asshole who’s had $$ and privilege handed to him. He saw no fault for not doing a goddam thing he was supposed to do as our Realtor™. I still despise him to this day and will spit in his face if I ever run into him. We take 100% of the blame for the pub debacle, but there were definitely people involved who did NOT do their jobs they were paid to do. I have no problem calling out jackasses when they need it. No regrets about that.

So if you are here, trolling or just looking for proof that I’m a terrible person, you just might find it. I can’t change who I’ve been or who I am. But I strive to be better all the time.

I am a human. I am a work in progress. Just like everyone else.

I think the beauty of having a longterm blog is seeing the changes and growth that people have. I am not ashamed – but I am also glad that I’ve grown up and gotten past much of the bigotry, biases and other bullshit. It’s what it means to be a person. Change is the only constant.

So, trollers or others who are just here looking for my bullshit: go for it. It’s probably here and I own it. I am a VERY VERY different person I was in 1999. I was 34 then and 56 now! That’s a LOT of growth. And that is why I leave everything up on this blog – that is now way past drinking age. It’s the story of my personal growth and it’s MINE. Love it or don’t. :)