Moving Back to Blogging

I’ve been saying for a while that I’m sick of FB and its AI randomly jailing people for whatever reason the AI has – that they won’t tell you.

I’m putting my content back on here and linking from my FB account. You used to be able to crosspost to your FB account, but FB got rid of that years ago, so you’d be pushed into posting your content THERE, rather than YOUR BLOG. You could post to a business page, but not a personal one. I’d been crossposting to the IndigoDragon page for a while, but I decided that I want my personal content to remain personal, so I just post a link to my blog manually when I post here. FB can SUCK IT.

Many, many content providers are doing the same. Jim Wright ( has moved all his content back to his blog because FB was harassing him constantly. I’m glad he took control of that and told FB to suck it. We bloggers are doing this because we’re sick of FB demanding that we post THERE, then jailing us when we say something that their rightwing biased AI doesn’t like. Fuck that.

FB should be left to business pages and old people. I feel that this is already happening. The content that I used to get is just not there. I find myself on IG and even Twitter (gods help me) for artist updates (IG) and news (Twitter).

So, I hope people will click away from FB to read my content here. I’m not seeing a ton of that happening yet, but I’m sure part of that is FB throttling who gets to see my posts. I still get decent Google clicks, mostly because this blog has been up since 1999!! I’m OG baybee!

Comments are always open for a month, then closed. I moderate everything, but encourage comments. It’s odd to me that people will comment all day on FB, but be shy about commenting on a blog. GO AHEAD AND COMMENT. I’ll see it, I promise!

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