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Kitchen Tutorial #2

This part of the tutorial is every simple recipe I could round up from here as well as ones I make regularly but are not really worthy of publishing on their own. Easy, fast and low carb are the keys for these recipes, unpublished ones at bottom.

Common Cooking Mistakes

Salsa Verde Chili


Kitchen Tutorial #1

Since I spent all day writing this stuff out for a friend who needs a lifestyle change, I thought I’d publish for anyone else who might want to start doing low carb and/or cooking more at home. First up: basic kitchen essentials! Basic tools and getting your pantry started.

Basic kitchen utensils you’ll need: […]

Coconut Confetti Rice

I’ve made this rice a couple of times for a side and I can tell you that it is AMAZING with the Gochujang Salmon! Don’t be afraid of the jalapeno, it is not noticeably hot. It just gives depth of flavour.

Coconut Confetti Rice

1 cup basmati rice, rinsed 1 cup chicken broth or […]

Base Recipe for Pureed Veg & Soups

I refuse to believe that you have to eat nothing but protein shakes and fruit smoothies for 2 months – as the diet plan from the nutritionist indicated. Just because you can’t eat much, does not mean that you have to eat flavourless goo. I don’t eat a lot of fruit in the first place, […]

Bariatric Diet Recipes

I think I’m going to use my cooking skills to create some bariatric recipes. The crap given to me by the nutritionist is horrible. I don’t know what in the hell they teach nutritionists in school, but good eating isn’t it. I remember the dietician giving Dave his dialysis diet, which had to be low […]