Customer No Service

Everyone knows I am notoriously impatient and intolerant of companies with shitty customer service. It’s called No Service for a reason.

These days, it’s considered “Karen” behaviour to ever demand better service, EVER, but I think demanding service has gotten a bad rap because of the Karens who just want SPECIAL service. There’s a difference between demanding to be treated as SPECIAL and demanding decent service in general.

I demand decent SERVICE. If I’m paying a company – any company – for a service, then I expect to be given decent service. It’s that simple. I deal with companies for a living. I’m an admin assistant aka office manager and I get to deal with vendors for everything from linens to internet service. I won’t tolerate bullshit – especially from a sales weasel – and I expect to get the best deal possible. YES, I want a detailed bill. NO I won’t accept your “bundle” just because. Lookin’ at YOU Combastard.

I run my house the same way. This is how I get 200mbs internet for $50/mo. I negotiate. I demand. And I usually get what I’m after because I’m persistent. Persistence is the key when dealing with vendors, especially large corporations.

So, WHY is there so much Customer No Service? I’ll tell you: Americans are too lazy to demand real service. Americans would rather just pay than have to sit on the phone for an hour to get to the right person who’ll give you the deal. This is the root of ALL the problems with internet, TV, cell phones, house buying, car buying and pretty much the whole economy. When you let the corporations run all over you, that’s how you get to pay $200/mo for 35mbs internet and basic cable. That’s why paying $35/mo for half assed cell service is a “good deal” here. And that’s why Carvana, CarMax and the new one Zoom get away with charging full price, no negotiations, for cars. Americans are excruciatingly LAZY.

But back to me. I am considered to be “difficult” because I WILL NOT put up with double-talking bullshit from sales weasels, nor will I tolerate a vendor raising prices without explanation. Why should I? Why should ANYONE?

As they saying goes, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. I can confirm this. If you want service, sometimes you have to DEMAND it in no uncertain terms.

I just had a run in with a shitty app company called Qwick. They offer “gigs” for hospitality people. First problem, no online (browser) interface, so you are forced to type in your shit on the phone. EW. THEN, their shitty app interface blocks the typing field, so you cannot see if there are typos. THEN the app cuts me off, mid-sentence to take me to their quiz section (which is idiotic), with no way to check or edit the previous field. As I was wrestling with the app, one of their Customer No Service reps pings my phone (another irritant of phone only shit – they feel that they can ping you continuously). So I tell her that their app is crap and why I think so. Rather than address the fact that their app is shitty, this girl decides that I am the problem because their app cut me off and proceeds to “warn me” that if I’m not nice about it, they’ll reject my application! LOL Oh, and it must be because I don’t have the current version. Knowing I was DONE with this horseshit, I told her again what the app was doing and if the version is wrong, that is on THEM since I just downloaded it. Then I blocked her ass. Then I deleted the app.

Now, was that mean of me? I say NO. No, because it was THE APP misbehaving and this is the first thing I deal with from this vendor. SO, they should not get haughty when I declare the app crappy – because that is MY experience. And I said CRAPPY, not SHITTY, so I feel that was pretty benign. This company has SHITTY customer service and why would I want to do business with them? BUT, they act like this, because their users LET THEM. Their users just put up with a shitty interface and shittier support because that’s what Americans do: put up with shit.

If you call out companies who treat you badly, they will get better. CALL THEM OUT. Post on FB. Post on Twitter – especially Twitter if it’s a big company. They usually have their media people monitor Twitter carefully. If they offer you no support, will not fix an issue, or aggravate you in any way, as a customer, you should call them out. And yes, this goes for restaurants, too, but many bad reviews of restaurants have more to do with customer issues rather than store issues.

I use the tools available to complain about bad service. Why shouldn’t I? I’ve got FB and Twitter and I certainly know how to use to place a serious complaint. These tools work. And being persistent works. It’s too bad that customers have to work for decent service, but that’s due to companies being allowed to do whatever they want and Americans just paying the bill. That’s not me and it shouldn’t be YOU, either. You want that Combastard $50/mo for 200mbs internet? Well, get off your ass and call them and ask for it. Yep, it’ll take a chunk of your day. Yep, you’ll be on the goddam phone. Yep, you’ll likely get hung up on and have to call back. But to me, it’s worth an hour or two of my time to GET WHAT I WANT.

It’s really too bad that 95% of America does not feel this way. This is why we can’t have nice things here. Like healthcare, which falls under this exact same issue, but is a soapbox for another day.

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