Happy 14th Anniversary to us!

2018 has been and will continue to be an “interesting” year. LOL

Today we celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary and our 18th year together. Amazing!

I’ve got the best partner in the world and we’re going to do great things. Love you, Nick!!

I’m also happy to announce that I gave notice at the fucking Krobar. After the union rep trying to intimidate me and a customer verbally accosting me, I walked straight to the wine steward and said “I AM OUT. Consider this my notice.” He was actually bummed and apologized for the dickhead customer. Which I appreciate. As for the union bitch, she can eat a bag of dicks. Intimidation and bullying doesn’t work with me, honey. I’ll just report you to the Kroger complaint line like I am the rest of this shitshow. I don’t give a damn. Kroger is a shitty place to work and I don’t care what anyone thinks about that statement. I am too good to work there, period.

So, almost rid of Kroger and about to embark on launching the new project. AND today is a lovely day to hang out in Decatur and celebrate our Anniversary. SWEET!