Demand Fair Treatment

Hello Monday. After a tumultuous week last week, I hope this week is calm and nothing stressful happens.

Between business bullshit and the anniversary of Missy’s death, last week was a lot of suck.

This week, I feel more positive about our business prospects (got some good news Saturday!) and more positive that sticking to our guns is the best way to keep our business integrity. There is no reason in this world to let shifty cons or shifty people use us to further their own agendas. We work, we get paid. It’s that simple.

We are not teenaged interns. We do not need “publicity”. We do need to get these games paid off and out of the red.

Just because something is a side hustle, does NOT mean that we’re in it to give away our products and lose money.

We ALSO do not put up with being treated badly. We want to work with people who like us, like our work, and appreciate our ethics. Shifty cons and shifty people who are threatened by my open and honest business dealings will not be tolerated. It’s that simple.

I’m too old to be treated badly and used by people or conventions. We’ve had lovely convention experiences, so there really is no excuse for the big con being dicks to the very people that make their con happen.

Momocon is the gold standard. The other con should TRY HARDER to emulate Momo, not the other way ’round.

I am done with worrying about the con. The dude I’m helping out is at the mercy of this convention. I’ve done all I can do. The convention needs to know that he’d not be coming AT ALL, if not for me trying to help. He, too, was aghast at how he was treated by con staff. It really is too bad that this con is run by such mean and nasty people. The only reason it’s still going strong is that people feel the need to genuflect to it and put up with the bullshit.

Protip: DragonCon is not the only con in the world. Go where you’re treated fairly and nicely. THOSE are the cons that should be encouraged, not this one.

I’ll also note that this behemoth is not the only convention we’ve chosen to avoid. There is a small Trek convention that was rude and nasty to us and we will not work with them, either. STANDARDS! Why should I support mean, rude, entitled people??

Maybe we’ll work with the big con next year, maybe not. If they put on their NICE PANTS and stop being jerks, perhaps. If they can’t figure out how to be nice, then they can exploit someone else. I’m too old to be talked to like I’m a stupid intern trying to steal something… (yes, that happened)

We’ll be at the big convention. When it pleases us to be there. I will be onsite Saturday daytime, Sunday afternoon and Monday morning to handle the business I need to handle. Other than that, we’ll see. I’ve got horse racing Sat night, and frankly, that sounds much more pleasant than dealing with the drunken masses at con.