Honda Battery Replacement Program

Took Romeo for a new battery yesterday. The one installed was very weak, as I found out when I was fiddling with the bluetooth setup on Tue and in 10 mins, the battery died. BOO!

Here’s a PROTIP for Honda owners: Honda offers batteries at a discount!! Batteries are hella expensive now ($100+), so as a courtesy, Honda offers battery replacements for about 25% less than retail. My mechanic told me about this. My battery runs $120 retail and I got one installed for free from Honda for $90. Curry Honda took me right in, swapped the battery and had me out in about 20 mins. YAY!

So, despite the battery being relatively new – it was not even the original and the car is only 5 yrs old! – at least now I know that I can get a discounted one from Honda. I have a feeling that these new cars with all the accessories and shit will EAT batteries. Also: the swap did not lose any settings because they use a device to save them at the dealership. Win-win!