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Taxes and Obamacare Penalty

So after the fiasco with our shitty accountant last tax season, this year we decided to go it alone with TurboTax. GOOD MOVE. We tried the free service through Credit Karma, but it sucked balls. TurboTax cost us about $200, but that is $150 less than the asshole accountant AND it is accurate. Y’all know you can write off the cost of filing your taxes every year, right? You can! There are LOTS of things you can write off. Get the IRS forms and READ UP. There are lots of medical things and TONS of fees and shit you can write off in addition to equipment and office space.

We did NOT get any Obamacare penalties this year. Why? Well, because WE made sure to input ALL our expenses, which the asshole accountant did NOT, apparently, even after we gave them to him. Jerk. So we figure that guy cost us several thousand over the years we’ve used him. He cost us at least $600 just last year because he did not put in our expenses properly. Expenses change your NET income, which in turn affects how Obamacare is calculated. He was clearly not happy that we refused to spend $800+/mo on Obamacare and I think he fucked up our taxes on purpose. I’ve got no proof other than his attitude and the marked difference of our return this year, but I strongly suspect.

We were very happy with TurboTax, actually. It asked us lots of questions and provided the correct forms for everything. It is set up for multiple income streams and was overall quite easy to use. We recommend it, even if you have crazy incomes like we do!

We got almost $1000 back this year, as opposed to a coupla hundred last year due to the useless accountant.

My next band name is SUCK IT MARK, in his honour. :P

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