Current Supplement Regimen

This is an UPDATE to the first post about supplements here.

I’ve had us on a regular supplement routine for about 3 months now. I’ve got Nick on supplements for his specific needs and I’m on a regime for mine. It has made a difference!

I’ve started buying from (if you use THIS LINK, you’ll get a $10 coupon!) because I find consistently good prices and they have a 100% money back guarantee that I had to use with the first “menopausal” supplement I got from them. It made me have hot flashes almost continuously! I sent an email and they credited me immediately. I didn’t even have to bother with boxing up and sending back the product. (I think there is a law about returning drugs? Not sure.)[Found out that this is a Kroger company! Who knew?]

Anyway, I got us two large two week pill holders and I dole out the pills every two weeks. You’d be AMAZED at how much it makes a difference. Being able to grab and go is essential. Of course I still grab and forget to actually TAKE, but that’s my old age at work.

I take supplements for inflammation, hot flashes and overall health. I also take things for insomnia. First, my supplement regime:

I have dropped all the tinctures from my regime. They didn’t do much, IMO.
1 Vitacost Synergy One a Day Multivitamin
1 Vitacost Selenium 300mcg (hot flashes)
2 Vitacost Turmeric 800mg total (inflammation)
1 B complex
1 Evening Primrose OR 1 vitamin E (alternating days)

For insomnia, I take these at bedtime:
1 naproxen (helps with inflammation AND makes me sleepy)
1 OTC sleep aid (doxylamine succinate)
1 or 2 Valerian capsules
1 Vitacost Quickdots sublingual GABA, which is a NEW thing and so far it’s working GREAT. I’ve had awesome sleep for several nights in a row. We shall see if it continues to work. I’ve read that it won’t work for some people, but it does for Nick and me. UPDATE: I take occasionally. It will give you awesome dreams.
NEW: I tripped upon L Theanine for anxiety and panic attacks but it knocks me OUT. So I use it occasionally for sleep.

Nick’s supplements:
1 Vitacost Multi
1 huge Fish Oil capsule (heart, inflammation)
1 lycopene (heart, circulation)
1 CoQ10 (heart, circulation)
1 turmeric (inflammation)
1 B complex (you make less as you age)

And similar insomnia supplements, but he doesn’t like taking an OTC every night.

The key to all this is having pill boxes so you can just grab and gulp. It has made a huge difference in our consistency of taking supplements. :)